Wednesday homework

Continue research on Science National Geographic magazine project

Read 20 mins

Keep collecting coins for the Mite boxes to help support Seminarians

Report Cards go out tomorrow!

Student Led Conference Friday – wear uniform and double check time

Tuesday homework

Science- National Geographic magazine project- animal research

What animal?
What biome does it live in?
Where in the Biome does it live?
What does it eat?
Who eats it?
What does it look like? (appearance)
What adaptations does it have?

Spelling lesson 21 and test Thursday

Mandarin – colouring project



Important dates coming up!

Student Led Conference Friday

Reports go out Thursday

Thursday homework

Gym – 9 am please come in gym strip

Socials – Coast Salish menu – tomorrow

Art- make/write/draw or print a quote about being unique or special or different to glue onto our elephant art inspired by the books One, and Elmer. (Tomorrow)

Wednesday homework

Science – Desert and Marine biome sheets tomorrow

Math division re-test tomorrow

Spelling lesson 20 and test tomorrow

S.S. Passport tomorrow

Mandarin – complete lucky message worksheet

Make or find a quote about being special and unique (we are going to put them on the elephant art) – you have creative control over colour and font – be unique and you!