Wednesday homework

Spelling test on lesson 3 tomorrow and pages in their workbook

Special reminder the workshop on Sound Energy is tomorrow and student will not be able to participate unless they have a signed permission slip. Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I am still missing a few.

Walk-a-thon – please continue to hand in your forms to the office

Comfort packs – Just a reminder to create a comfort pack for your child, including a photo, important information on the back, a card or letter as well as a small toy or deck of cards.

Social Studies Title Page due Friday

Language Arts Summer Comic strip (GOOD COPY) due Friday

Continue Reading Log – 4 boxes completed and handed in on Monday


Spelling words for tomorrows test

  1. these
  2. deny
  3. rules
  4. safely
  5. locate
  6. crime
  7. stove
  8. scale
  9. costume
  10. arrive
  11. opened
  12. musical
  13. equal
  14. idea
  15. tight
  16. clover
  17. rodent
  18. tuba
  19. cubes
  20. pride