Mr. M got called away today so please keep the USB at school and hopefully we will have a computer lesson soon on how to use a USB.

Thank you for all the ROUND treats! Today’s moon festival party was great! No Mandarin homework tonight!

Math– pages 33-37 (most students completed up to page 35 or 36 in class) due tomorrow

Language Arts – Worksheet 5/6 – choose 1 side and complete the paragraph (Due Thursday)

Reading Log– new sheet with 5 boxes – please complete 4 by Monday (Hand in R.L. every Monday)

French – identify number 40-100 by tomorrow

Math test sent home today – Sign and complete corrections on a separate lined piece of paper by Friday.

Spelling- lesson 4 post-test Thursday – have workbook in class ready to be marked Thursday

**Special Reminder**

October 6- Walk-a-thon
October 9 No School (Thanksgiving)
October 12 -Light Energy Workshop
November will be our field trip to Salmon n’ Bannock (I will be sending home a permission slip soon)