Thursday Homework

#26 your colour is green for sports day

LAST CHANCE for BOOK ORDERS- DUE TOMORROW so they can arrive before end of the year

Lit Circle- Diorama on scene from James and the Giant Peach due Mon/Tues we will then type the paragraph part in class before their presentations on Tues/Wed

Math– Probability Carnival criteria sheet handed out
-our carnival to show our games will be held on June 19
-Students are in groups of 2 and are creating a game of chance for their peers to play, they will then collect data from game results and create a bar graph

Science – Matter test Tuesday

you will need to know the following
-difference between inference and observation
-definition of matter- matter is anything that takes up space and has mass
-boiling point and freezing point of water
-how to label the diagram of how solids, liquids, and gases change phases to one another
-this contains 6 vocab terms which you will need to know
2. Sublimation
3. Condensation
6. Melting

-Draw each of the 3 phases (solid, liquid,gas) showing how their particles are packed, explain how they are packed (ex, tightly packed) and how they move (vibrate and do not move, vibrate and move, move quickly) and give 1 example of each phase (ex, honey, wood, ice, helium, carbon dioxide, oxygen, air, juice)

Students who were here today know what to study, they have all the information in their reflection sheet in their blue science duotang. People away for track yesterday (except #26) caught up today.

Test will be Tuesday after morning recess.