Monday Homework

Poetry Cafe tomorrow– I am supplying iced tea and some snacks, if you would like to bring a different refreshment or any snack please feel free 🙂  Students will be reading their favourite poem from their book to their peers and we will celebrate after as a class.

Diorama – some students are done and prepared to share tomorrow, everyone else will present on Wednesday

Science – Matter test tomorrow after lunch

you will need to know the following
-difference between inference and observation
-definition of matter- matter is anything that takes up space and has mass
-boiling point and freezing point of water
-how to label the diagram of how solids, liquids, and gases change phases to one another
-this contains 6 vocab terms which you will need to know
2. Sublimation
3. Condensation
6. Melting

-Draw each of the 3 phases (solid, liquid,gas) showing how their particles are packed, explain how they are packed (ex, tightly packed) and how they move (vibrate and do not move, vibrate and move, move quickly) and give 1 example of each phase (ex, honey, wood, ice, helium, carbon dioxide, oxygen, air, juice)