Friday homework

Gym- Draw a badminton court and label lines

French- 1) cahier pg 15,16 (Tues) 2) Haiku Deck Draft (Tues)

Language Power – pages 25-34 (Tues)

Reading Log- please complete 1 reading log – keep reading every night

Speech Arts Tuesday

Board game rules- rough copy Due Monday

Wednesday homework

Spelling lesson 16 and test tomorrow

Extra gym class tomorrow 11:30-12- bring gym strip!!

Board Game rules- finish good copy by Monday (get rough copy ok by Fri)

Special reminder speech arts is Feb 6th & 7th

Mandarin- review 4 phrases, colour characters and pictures


Monday Homework

Gym tomorrow- please wear gym strip to school, bring uniform

Storytelling workshop 2-3:30 (please bring purple form and $2 if you haven’t)
Today we are looking at Coastal Communities in SS

Speech Arts will be next week, please keep practicing the poem

Spelling lesson 16 and test Thursday

  1. Tries
  2. carried
  3. worries
  4. buying
  5. satisfied
  6. relying
  7. denies
  8. copied
  9. emptied
  10. hurrying
  11. cries
  12. buries
  13. multiplied
  14. replies
  15. supplied
  16. drying
  17. petrified
  18. frying
  19. applied
  20. scurrying

Thursday homework

Purple workshop form & $2

Reading Log Venn diagram if you you didn’t hand in today

Read 15 mins

Wear Chinese costume to school or if you don’t have please wear Chinese colours (red, yellow, pink, gold)

Wednesday Homework

Mandarin- practice singing and memorizing “Gong Xi” song

Finish board game plan (Monday)

Spelling lesson 15 and test tomorrow

continue memorizing speech arts poem

Reading Log Venn diagram comparing yourself and a character from your book due tomorrow

Tuesday Homework

Mandarin- 7 small pictures

Memorize Speech Arts Poem

Purple workshop form and $2

Board Game Materials Tomorrow

Science- Rain forest Biome sheet (Thurs)

Reading Log- Venn diagram – compare yourself and a character in your book (Thurs)

Monday homework

Read 15 mins (Reading Logs were collected to be checked today)

Memorize Speech Arts

Purple Workshop form ASAP (i forgot to send it out last week due to being sick)

Board Game Question sheet- try and answer some questions for Wednesday before we start making our board games

Mandarin- Practice the first song

Spelling Lesson 15 lesson and test Thursday


Wednesday Homework

Science- Tundra Biome sheet (Tomorrow)

Spelling- lesson 14 and test (Tomorrow)

Reading Log- Day 3 on weekly reading log challenge (I will collect it Monday)

Mandarin – worksheet review pictures 1&2, finish picture 3

Language Arts- Materials list for board game and start gathering materials, we will start creating pieces next Wednesday.

This past week we have been looking at art by Pablo Picasso
They saw some examples from his Blue period, rose period, but we focused on his cubism period with its dramatic shapes and abstract look.  Some students were practicing during Chinese Recess yesterday and I wanted to share them! They did such a wonderful job!

Some Students have also invented “Picasso Sauce” that they use as a dipping sauce at lunch.  It is a combination of ketchup and barbecue sauce.


IMG_2182 IMG_2183