November 6th

Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂

The children started work on their Rube Goldberg projects today and the excitement and enthusiasm is really great so far ! Thanks for all the great support already , I think this is going to be a really fun project for all the kids .

We have Poppy’s available for the children to purchase in school for 2 dollars tomorrow and Friday . Any support for this great cause would be greatly appreciated .

Reminder – Field Trip tomorrow , leaving the school at 12:00 pm . The children do not need a full lunch but they will need a snack for tomorrow recess time . Regular uniform please 🙂


Math – Jump Math pg 52 and 53 (due tomorrow)

French – Study for quiz on classroom objects , vocabulary no . 4 (word book ) .

Looking forward to a fun field trip tomorrow 🙂

Miss C




November 5th Homework

Hello everyone 🙂

This year is moving so quickly , I cannot believe it is November already !

Homework –

Spelling – Spelling workout lesson 9 – I know a lot of the children got the activities done yesterday in my absence , please continue to look over the spellings in preparation for the test on Friday .

Language Power Now ( Due Friday ) – pg 20 and 21 .

Religion (Due tomorrow) – Faithful  acrostic poem finish and color (due tomorrow) .


Miss C


November Newsletter

FSA’s are nearing to an end in the next two weeks, then we can get back to normal in Grade 4.

We continue to work on the students’ writing skills focusing on brainstorming, making predictions and connections. The students are also focusing on adding more details to their sentences and using descriptive language (what we also refer to as “triple-scoop” words). Students are encouraged to expand their love of literacy by reading information texts, poetry or try a novel by a different author.

Some reading suggestions for grade 4 include:

  • Armstrong, William H. Sounder
  • Atwater, Richard and Florence. Popper’s Penguins
  • Creech, Sharon. Love that Dog
  • Ellis, Deborah. Mud City
  • Kogawa, Joy. Naomi’s Road
  • O’Dell, Scott. Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • Pearson, Kit. A Handful of Time
  • Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Shiloh Season
  • Sachar, Louis. Holes
  • Smith, Robert Kimmel. Chocolate Fever
  • Willis, Jeanne. Dumb Creatures
  • Huser, Glen. Stitches and the Elevator Ghost

We love numbers! Yes, we do!!

How do you write 9,356? What is expanded form? Our math geniuses  have been busily working with whole numbers. They know how to write numbers in standard form, expanded form and are working on rounding numbers to the nearest 10. 100 and 1000.  We will also be working on comparing and ordering numbers.  Students are practicing their skills using their Jump Math work books. We want all of our students to know that working with numbers is fun.

Upcoming dates to add to your calendars.

  • November 8th, Remembrance Day Service
  • November 11th, 12th No School
  • November 7th, 4S Salmon n’ Bannock Field Trip
  • November 1st, 4L Salmon n’ Bannock Field Trip

Message to the Parents

As first term comes to a close, students will be finishing topics such as energy and mapping skills.  Encourage your child to complete assignments and homework on time, study hard and to prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests.  A “big” thank you to all of the parents for their support.  We really appreciate your help.   It was wonderful to meet you all at the Parent-Teacher Interviews.


Miss. S. LeRose and Ms. C. Comerford

November 1st

Hello everyone 🙂

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween . Thank you so much to all the parents who helped make yesterday so special and excited for us all , it is always so appreciated by myself and all of the staff and I think we all had a really memorable day.

Just a few reminders before the weekend –

1 . I am still short a couple of permission slips for the field trip on Thursday , please return ASAP.

2. If you have not emailed me your child’s choice of food for the field trip please do so by Monday . Please also include any allergies where applicable.

3. Please return see-saw permission slips ASAP .

FSA’s –

Next week is our final week working on our FSA’s . I’m sure we will all be relieved to have them completed . Please make sure your child is in school next week as much as possible to avoid any issues with completion .

Science –

Next week we will also be starting work on our first group project of Grade four . This will be a Rube Goldberg machine . I have linked some videos below that give the best explanation of this . If you have time over the weekend please help your child to begin collecting materials for this project so that we can hit the ground running from Monday .

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ,

Miss C

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October 30th

Hello ,

Tomorrow we will have our Halloween party and parade . Thank you very much to all the parents who have offered to bring in treats , we have everything that we need now in terms of snacks for the party . A small extra treat each is perfect for the children tomorrow .The party will take place between recess and lunch .

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me the food choice for the field trip on November 7th , please email me your child’s preference by Monday November 3rd . I have received almost all of the permission slips for the field trip , if you have not returned this yet please do so as soon as possible as your child will not be able to attend the field trip without a permission form.


French – 1 . Cashier pg 10 + 11  2. Quiz on classroom object on Monday

Socials – Sketch for mapping project .

We will be starting to design individual treasure maps in social studies over the next few days . Tonight I would like the children to complete  a rough draft of their maps so they can begin working on them tomorrow. This does not have to be detailed just something rough for them to base their map off .

Mandarin – pg 23, 30 and 31 in workbook.

Spellings , reading and reading log as usual .


Looking forward to some Halloween fun tomorrow

Miss C




October 29th Homework

Hello 🙂

No additional homework from me tonight . Spelling , reading and reading log as usual.

Mandarin – pg 36 .

You tall received an email today outlining the options for food for our upcoming field trip on November 7th . Please email me your child’s preference by Monday .

Hope you have a lovely evening ,


Miss C 🙂


October 28th Homework

Hi everyone ,

Thank you all so much for coming on Friday , it was great to see you all .

This week we have our Halloween parade and party on Thursday . I will post a list of food below that parents can bring in on that day if you can help . This way we can split up bringing the food and also make sure there isn’t too much . Please email me at and let me know if you can bring something . I will post and updated list on Wednesday of anything else that is needed .A little extra treat / snack each is perfect to go with Halloween games , music and a movie for the children on this day. Please send your child to school with a fork and spoon so we can help this Halloween to stay a little greener 🙂


15 juice boxes

15 juice boxes

Fruit Skewers

Mandarin oranges

Carrots / cucumbers / cherry tomatoes with hummus or dip.



Sugar cookies .

If there is anything else you would like to contribute please let me know via email .All contributions welcome 🙂

Homework tonight –

Math – Jump Math finish pg 45 and 46 (due Tuesday) – We worked on this today in class , most of the children should have completed most of it.

Spelling – Lesson 8 pg 33-36 (due Friday)

Language Power Now – pg 23 (Due Thursday) .

French – Define vocabulary words #4 .(Due Wednesday)

Mandarin – Textbook pg 35.

This may seem like a lot of homework but please do spread it out over the week so the children do not feel overloaded .I will not be giving much additional homework throughout the week .


Miss C


October 23rd

Hello all 🙂

Happy Wednesday .

Two permission slips went home today , one about our next field trip and one about a nutritional workshop, please return on Monday or as soon as possible .

Homework –

French : Worksheet pg , 39 + 40 . (Monday)

Mandarin : pg . 30-31 ch character : Trace x3 Write x2 (Monday)


Looking forward to seeing most of you tomorrow . Please try to be as punctual as possible as the day is fully booked and you may not get the full 15 minute slot if you are late . Please also knock on the door at your allocated time , to prevent me from running over time 🙂

Thanks ,

Miss C

October 21st Homework

Happy Monday everyone 🙂 Hope you all had a lovely weekend .

This week is a short week due to parent teacher conferences and pro d day on Friday . If you have not returned the slip confirming the time of your appointment with me on Thursday please do so ASAP .

I collected the reading logs today and will be returning them all before Wednesday , the children have clearly worked very hard on their reading logs and I appreciate the parents co-operation with this .

Homework Monday

Spelling workout week 7 (due Wednesday , no test this week , some word from week 7 will be included in the test for week 8 next Friday)

Lucas and Soun – social emotional (due Monday 28th of October )

Reading as usual .



Miss C