Found another link from Victoria From the Vancouver Sun

To all parents and kids,

Here is a link to the Vancouver Sun.  However, you can also see a “class” picture only.  No video.  Enjoy.

Just paste the above to your address bar to go to site.


Mr. Dela Luna

Links to various TV articles about the BC Legislature (Victoria Field Trip)

Good evening everyone,

First I’d like to say thank you to all parents who came out and volunteered for the Grade 5 class’ field trip to Victoria.  Second, even though there was a great tragedy in our nation’s capital, Ottawa and Parliament, nothing bad happened at the “mini” Parliament buildings.  Actually, for those of you who don’t know, the place where the students went to is officially called The Legislature – where the Legislative Assembly and the Premier as part of the Provincial Government NOT the FEDERAL government meet.  The Federal government is in Ottawa in Parliament.

Many parents are asking for links of various newsreels that include details of the students of SFX.  So on behalf of all of the interested parents and students, I’ve compiled a list of links that include video footage of the students when they went to the BC Legislature.  Please keep in mind that some of the footage might be a little long so you might have to use your mouse to “fast forward” to where the students are.  I will try to add the “rough” timeline on each link to look for.  Also depending on the link you will see footage of the shooting in Parliament in Ottawa.  Again the students were all safe.

Even though it was a tragic event in Ottawa, the students themselves enjoyed their visit to the BC Legislature…the cameras just made it more exciting.  I would like to personally thank Marcus’ mom, Mrs. Chow for one of the links.  Also if anyone here looked at either the Vancouver Metro Newspaper or the Vancouver Sun, there is a picture of the class in it, however, they actually printed out that the classes were turned away from their tour which is categorically untrue.  We just went around the side of the building to another entrance that was more secure.  As soon as I have time, I will scan the article and re-publish here on this blog.

Now here are the following links:


This is from CBC news.  The part of the kids is around time index 0:36


This is from News Hour GlobalTV.  The part of the kids is around time index 12:20 (I would start at 12:15 to hear Premier Christy Clark’s speech) -<Thanks Mrs. Chow.>


This is from CTV News.  The kids part is around time index 0:58


This last one was from CHEK TV news.  The part of the kids is around time index 0:15.  In my personal opinion, this is the best clip of them all…but don’t just take my word for it. :-)

Anyway, I hope all the links work.  In case they don’t maybe just copy the address and paste it onto the above address bar and it should send you to that site.  Second, people are wondering how long will the articles be up, I personally don’t know.  Also I don’t know how to copy the video footage themselves.  If someone does know, can you send to the school or to me the video so I can have a copy???

Enjoy the videos.  I can’t promise that the other field trips will be as “exciting” however, they will be fun and educational for the students.

Pax Christi and Proud to be Canadian.

Mr. Dela Luna

Grade 5 Science Project – Due Dates

To all the parents and students of 5D and 5J,

All the students were told about their due dates for the upcoming Science Project – Simple Machines.  The due dates for the following classes are:


5D -  Tuesday – Nov. 4th in the morning

5J – Tuesday – Nov. 4th in the afternoon


The following items are needed for the project that day:

  1. Compound Machine – “MOUSE TRAP”
  2. Poster
  3. Presentational materials – ex.  cue cards


If anyone has a concern please let me know at the school.