5M Announcement – Picture Day May 17th

Hello Parents,

Photo Day will be tomorrow (May 17, 2018).   We will be taking our photos and want to make sure the children look amazing for their class picture.

Please come to school in full uniform (blue sweater, white shirt, black shoes and blue pants for boys and skirts for girls). 

Thank you!

Ms Munro

5M – April 23, 2018 Announcement

Good Afternoon Parents
  Parents please send your students with black pants and shoes tomorrow as we have a dress  rehearsal
    Students are still responsible to read the prescribed amount of pages each week, spelling will also be assigned. Other classes may be canceled and moved this week and next week. Math will remain the same except for cancelations on Mondays.
    Students have received a copy of the actions for the play. They ALL need to practice tonight for our rehearsal tomorrow. Thank you in advance for your time, patience, and hard work!
Kind Regards,
Ms. Munro

5M – April 9, 2018 Reminders and Requests

Dear Parents,


All students should have the straps on their backpacks curled up and secured with rubber bands

All students need to have their costume shirt handed in

Requests please:

I need a couple of parents to volunteer their time and “bejewel” our shirts for the play. Of course I will provide PPP hours for this

I have created a new motivation strategy for the kids. They can now earn (or be fined) Munro Money. Every two weeks I will have a concession where the kids can purchase candy, ice cream, stickers, small toys etc from me. To help with these costs and to provide some variety I was wondering if there are any toys or old Art supplies you would like to donate to the concession? This would be appreciated very much!

I look forward to another fun week with the kids!

Kind Regards,

Ms. Munro

5M – March 26, 2018 More Announcements

Hello Parents,

Students will be participating in Holy Week activities on Thursday March 29th

Please prepare your child with the following items and send them to school before Thursday March 29th in the plastic or reusable bag.

–          Plastic bag or reusable bag

–          Water bottle

–          Empty toilet roll or paper roll

–          Red, black, yellow and orange pencil crayon or marker

–          Some bread or a plain bun (This will take the place as a snack)

The bread or bun is an important part of our retreat. This will be consumed by your child in the Holy Thursday (Last Supper) station. We ask that for this day you do not send any snacks but rather the plain bread or a bun which will represent the bread broken and shared during Jesus’ Passover meal.

The retreat will conclude with a reenactment of the Stations of the Cross at 11:15am in the gym. Parents are welcome to take part in this quiet reflection.

Students will then be dismissed from their classroom at 12:00 noon on Thursday.


Readers are Leaders competition is on Friday April 6th


April 25th there will be a workshop from 1:00-2:00pm for Grades 4-7 regarding (social media awareness, digital footprints and cyberbullying)

*parent presentation will be later in the evening from 4:30-6pm.


Britannia Mines will be May 23rd and our paddle board/ocean workshop has been changed to June 26. Parent volunteers and drivers will be needed.


Welcome back! I hope we can enjoy this short week full of prayer during Holy Week.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Munro

5M – March 26, 2018 Update

Hello Parents,

Just wanted to provide some clarification to my previous post from yesterday

On Tuesday April 3rd, I would like to ask the children to pack a light lunch as I will be bringing in some snacks for the class.

Thank you,

Ms Stephanie Munro

5M – Happy Spring Break – March 9, 2018

Hello Hello!

Happy Spring Break! I wish you all a restful break. I would like to ask that you send your children with a light lunch on Monday March 26th as I will be providing them with some snacks that day. Also, 5M will be leading Mass on April 6th. I welcome parents to come if possible.

With gratitude,

Ms. Munro

5M – Announcement March 5, 2018

Hello Parents!

Term Two is slowly coming to a close! Our “Bible: Care for our Common Home” projects are being laminated by the laminating team so we can bind them. Sorry, the wait is still in effect! Fortunately though, the children are finished their iMovie interview projects! If you could please send your child with your email then they can send it to you. Or you can always email me back and I can forward it to you. For the project the children focused on professionalism, editing and communication strategies such as:


L-Listen -if they keep the conversation then great, either wise….

A-Ask another question



E-Empathize (how you feel, how you felt, how you found this situation before)

R-Readdress (start the A Ladder again)

*Students also worked on open ended questions versus closed ended questions to ensure they have a strong interview

  1. Do you have a brother? The person can simply reply, No.


  1. How many brothers and sisters do you have? I have two brothers and no sisters. I’ve always wanted a sister…..


Mr. Dela Luna and I have booked several field trips coming up, you will receive forms as soon as possible

  1. April 5–  Digital Safety (in class including a parents important information night). ***Admin have decided to book their own digital safety workshop, please stay posted***
  2. April 23rd- Paddle Boarding and Classroom Session at Kitsilano Beach (we will need parent volunteers and drivers) – all day –
  3. May 23- Britannia Mine Field Trip – all day –

—– Term Three means Math Platooning Starts!—–
*student will be doing some final self assessments this week and we will begin platooning for term three after the break!

*Mr. Dela Luna and I are very excited, we are also ordering more resources to supplement the program.

We are looking forward to term three very  much!

Best Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro

5M – Aladdin Jr Props Needed

Dear parents,

We have completed the list of the props that will be needed for our school musical. Some the items from our list can be found in our storage.  Other items are currently being made. At the moment, we are missing a few more items.  Parents have the opportunity to receive volunteer hours by signing up to make/donate props.  We would like to request your support in making or donating the props for the school musical.

**Please see below for the link to the PDF of the props needed**

Aladdin Jr Props 2-14-18

If you are interested in donating an item or would like to make a prop for volunteer hours, please contact Ms. E. Molinano later than MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26thYou can also contact Ms. E Molina if you have any questions regarding the props.


 Please NOTE: No materials will be provided for props.Props will be assigned on a first claim basis.

Thank you in advance for your support!

With gratitude,

Props Organizing Committee

5M – Reminders February 9, 2018

Hello little amigos!

I hope you’re enjoying your massive weekend! Here’s a reminder to rest, explore and naturally prepare for your week to come! Here are a few reminders…

– Religion test on the parts of the Mass @ Tuesday Feb 13

*Please follow the Mass on Sunday closely and review the handout of the Mass I gave you. Don’t forget you need to know this video as well.


– Also please wear Valentine colours to show your spirit. You’re welcome to bring Valentines and treats (especially dark chocolate 👌) on Tuesday as well!

-Keep writing your affirmations! Three due by Thursday

* Don’t miss out on any Family Day activities and please start thinking about preparing your hearts for Lent. What will you be giving up? What will you be giving more of? How will you be showing your love? How are you going to let people love you? How are you letting Jesus into your heart?

Take care 5M sending all my love,

Ms. Stephanie Munro