5M – January 9, 2018 Announcements

Dear Parents,

Welcome to 2018! Before the break your children wrote a letter to one immediate family member, I hope you enjoyed their kind words. Thank you again for all your prayers, cards, gifts and the Merry Christmas shout outs in the hall! Here are a few reminders and updates for January…

– Speech Arts will only be for primary this year however intermediates are welcome to enter in the individuals competition.

– Professional Development Day Friday January 12th, Spelling will be extended to Monday (Unit 11 due and Spelling Test)

– Many Grade Fives will be away (including ME woohoo!) on January 18th and 25th for a Ski Trip. Spelling will still take place so please study for the that quiz!

– January 17th Open House and New Registration forms distributed

– I am happy to announce that Ms. Sandra Nozet, our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) head, now gets to work with all the intermediate students this term! Last term she did workshops for all primary students and this term we get her once a week on Mondays. These workshops are a fantastic asset to the Revised Curriculum and they will truly benefit your child.



Three Assignments will be handed out soon.

1) Science- (in class group project) build a “Nervous System Themed” game board.

2) Reflective thinking/Religion/LA- Publish copies of your Reflective Writing pieces to make your own “Bible of Caring for Everyone in Our Common Home”

3) Affirmation Log

-Criteria and deadlines will be released shortly

*Attention* all students that had to leave early for the basketball game today… Thank you for representing SFX! Please watch this clip and take notes (specifically on the parts of the brain explaining their relationships and roles)

Here are some other clips from our reflective writing and class discussions. Enjoy!


Ms. Tomei and I feel refreshed, inspired, and excited for this term! Thank you in advance for the love and support you give your children.

Have a fabulous evening!

Kindest Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro

5M – December 18, 2018 Reminders

Dear parents here’s a few reminders for our last week before the holidays!

*Covenant House donations are still encouraged and accepted until Thursday December 21st*

– Wednesday Dec 20, 2018 – Ugly sweater day. (no donation)

– Thursday Class Movie, feel free to send snacks to share with the class, however it is not required

– Friday class dismissal at 11am

Thank you!

Ms. Stephanie Munro

5M – December 7, 2017 Announcement

Hello Dearest Parents,

As we are approaching our second week of advent there are a few things I would like to remind you of.

* December 10th Class Mass (Liturgy planning sheet attached)

– Dec 10 Mass

* December 14th Term 1 Communicating Student Learning Reports distributed

* December 15th we have an ‘in house’ performance from 1:15-3:30

* December 22nd 9am mass followed by a fifteen minute Christmas celebration  students may be picked up straight after the celebration or by 11:00am in the classroom. Parents are also very welcome to attend mass with us.

Take care and have a great weekend,

Ms. Stephanie Munro

5M – Shark Tank Video Clip

Dear 5M students,

Here is the Shark Tank video clip we watched in class.
Remember the presentation skills we discussed!
– confidence
– clarity
– communication
– eye contact
– preparedness
– practice
– positive
– projection
– stand by your product
– eye contact
– a particular focus
– Quick thinking – get ready for questions!


Thank you!

Ms Stephanie Munro

5M – Complex Machines Project

Complex Machines Project

Dear Students,

This Project is definitely one of the most fun projects of the year! I am asking you to build a complex machine with three or more simple machines (lever, pulley, incline plane, screw, wedge, and wheel and axel).

The project needs to be built by you, therefore if it is a kit you need to show that you put it together. The project also needs to be built by YOU, it should look like a Grade 5 did it, not a Grade 5 and two adults.

If you chose to do a “mouse trap” style machine, you may make a video of your mouse trap and submit it either by email to smunro@sfxschool.ca or USB. Please make sure you test out your video BEFORE the due date, if it doesn’t work by the due date it will be considered late.

I encourage you to use hammers, screw drivers, sandpaper, and other simple tools. All power tools must be used by an adult. Parents please supervise any part of this process (or none) according to what you think is appropriate.

You are to do this project independently, you will be asked to do a presentation of your complex machine at any of the due dates below so please be ready by the first day. (Due Dates: Nov 20, 22, 27)

Some ideas for projects:

  • Toy
  • Game
  • An invention

Expectations for Presentation:

  • Introduce and name your machine
  • Speak loud and clearly
  • Explain the process of building your machine
  • Show how it works
  • Answer questions that the class may have
  • Min 1min Max 3min

Have Fun Building!

Here is the PDF

5m simple machines project

Kind Regards,

Ms Stephanie Munro

5M – November 1, 2017 Math Multiplication Resources

Hello Parents,

Here are a few multiplication videos for children who want an extra guide or reminder. One is faster, and the other has visuals, whichever your child prefers.



These videos are examples and there are many more for each times table.


Here is also an App that you could download. 

Times Tables Quiz! (Multiplication Trainer) By Padadaz

App Store for iOS devices


Google Play Store for Android devices


I hope you had a great Halloween and I wish you all a lovely All Saints Day and All Souls Day!

Kind Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro

5M – October 25th Announcement

Announcements – October 25, 2017

* Many students have not been coming to me during class time with questions. To help, I have started a “Math Club” to give the children a space to ask questions and catch up. “Math Club” will run on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from 3:40-4:00pm until we are able to separate Math classes in Term 2

* Hallowgreen on Oct 31st Prize for most Green Costume

* Halloween for Hunger – 5M wants to reach 100 cans, please start bringing them in today!

* Halloween Party Oct 30th  12:25-1:30 (with set up and clean up time – Multipurpose Room)


Inspiration for your Complex Machine Project – Parents give it a watch!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0NoOtaFrEs   *also a good conversation on gendered toys and empowering girls*


Resource for your Religion Project:



*Reminder- Mass tomorrow Thursday Oct 26 instead of Friday

*Reminder- Madelyn’s Family is treating the class to pizza lunch tomorrow for her Birthday.  Please do not pack a lunch.


Please find attached the Saint Report Criteria that was sent home today. NOTE: Due date has changed to November 15th.

5m saint project


Kind Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro

5M – October/November Updates

* Students are to read thirty pages of our novel, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, every week so they can be prepared for group work and discussions throughout the week*


Oct 18, 2017- Science Test – Simple Machines

Oct 20, 2017- Pro- D – NO SCHOOL


*Please continue to bring unwanted Halloween Decorations for 5M


Oct 27, 2017- Parent Teacher Interviews (posted outside our room)

Oct 31, 2017- Halloween Parade at 1pm


Nov 1, 2017- Our Mass -5M will be leading the mass

Nov 3, 2017- Soccer Juvenile Boys Finals

Nov 10, 2017- Remembrance Day Service 11:00am

Nov 13, 2017- NO School

Nov 14 , 2017- NO School

Nov 29, 2017- Field Trip to Carousel Theatre to see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe


*Announcement: 5M will be leading a Sunday Mass on December 10th, all students are required to be there unless they have a letter from their parent with a previous commitment noted*


Have a great evening!


Ms. Stephanie Munro