5M – Announcement March 5, 2018

Hello Parents!

Term Two is slowly coming to a close! Our “Bible: Care for our Common Home” projects are being laminated by the laminating team so we can bind them. Sorry, the wait is still in effect! Fortunately though, the children are finished their iMovie interview projects! If you could please send your child with your email then they can send it to you. Or you can always email me back and I can forward it to you. For the project the children focused on professionalism, editing and communication strategies such as:


L-Listen -if they keep the conversation then great, either wise….

A-Ask another question



E-Empathize (how you feel, how you felt, how you found this situation before)

R-Readdress (start the A Ladder again)

*Students also worked on open ended questions versus closed ended questions to ensure they have a strong interview

  1. Do you have a brother? The person can simply reply, No.


  1. How many brothers and sisters do you have? I have two brothers and no sisters. I’ve always wanted a sister…..


Mr. Dela Luna and I have booked several field trips coming up, you will receive forms as soon as possible

  1. April 5–  Digital Safety (in class including a parents important information night). ***Admin have decided to book their own digital safety workshop, please stay posted***
  2. April 23rd- Paddle Boarding and Classroom Session at Kitsilano Beach (we will need parent volunteers and drivers) – all day –
  3. May 23- Britannia Mine Field Trip – all day –

—– Term Three means Math Platooning Starts!—–
*student will be doing some final self assessments this week and we will begin platooning for term three after the break!

*Mr. Dela Luna and I are very excited, we are also ordering more resources to supplement the program.

We are looking forward to term three very  much!

Best Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro