5M – Announcement June 6, 2018

Dear 5M Team!

I hope all is well! Here are some updates for this week for students who went to the track meet. Thank you for representing SFX! And a few reminders and updates for the rest of the month.

*Tomorrow (Friday June 7, 2018) the children have a make up PE class at 9am. Please come in your gym strip!*


They are responsible to take notes and to know the criteria from this clip.. HOWEVER they are to skip from 8:40min -14:35min. Thank you!

Terms to know:






Super Saturated

The four ways to dissolve something easier


The children are to complete their Science hand out they received on Monday by Monday, June 11th. This includes a chart that they are to make on a separate piece of paper (lined or graph paper) showing how they understand how to differentiate between foods/liquids that are mixtures or solutions.

*there is a model shown on the back of their hand out*they are to complete 5-10 items.



Students will be making Father’s Day cards and gifts. Please send pictures of your fathers to make a gift. If students don’t come with any pictures of their Father/Family (or if they don’t want to) they can make a gift from the supplies we have in class. Due Wednesdsay June 13th


Paragraph to introduce the Movie including the Title, setting, characters, etc. Due tomorrow Thursday June 7th.

Three Paragraphs to write a critique on the movie


No homework from 5M


Friday, June 8th  is Funday! The Groups have been posted in class and on the Whatsapp group. Noon dismissal.

Wednesday June 13th Science quiz on solutions and solubility

June 22nd Grade 7 Farewell Mass. Noon Dismissal.

June 26th Paddle Boarding Field Trip and farewell beach party at Kitsilano Beach

June 28th Confirmation Mass

Thank you to those who donated items and candy to our concession stand. Of course it was another great success!

SFX Concession Donations

Thank you again for all your hard work supporting your children’s growth.

Have a fantastic evening,

Ms. Munro