5M – Announcement June 21, 2018

Dear Parents,


Wow we are in our last week of the year! Here is a recap of all the craziness to come:

Friday June 22nd, 2018 

* Mass

* Grad Acknowledgement

* Recess

* Finish Individual Evaluation Report

* Noon Dismissal


Monday June 25th, 2018

——–Please return edupack bag or bring a reusable bag to take belongings home——-

* Clean desks and counters, organize room

* Recess – Please don’t pack a snack if your child ordered from Ms. Munro’s concession 🙂

* Assembly + Awards

*11:55am-12:55pm Grade Five Party in the Multi Purpose Room

* Praise and Worship in the Gym


Tuesday June 26th, 2018

5M Paddle Boarding/Ocean Sustainability Fieldtrip


 Thank you for the volunteer drivers, I have selected:

           -Fidelle, Adam, Wesley, Elizabeth, Aaron, Kiera, 😀


* 2:50pm coding presentation by guest speaker in the MPR


Wednesday June 27, 2018

——–Please return edupack bag or bring a reusable bag to take belongings home——- 

(5D Paddle Boarding /Ocean Sustainability Fieldtrip)

——–Mr. Dela Luna will be teaching 5M this day——–

*5M stack desks and chairs, take home everything and organize anything left

* Start Science Project movies




*Recess and Lunch


* Finish Science Project Movies


Thursday June 28th, 2018

* Mass

* Distribute Report Cards

* Watch Ms. Munro cry after letting go her first full year teaching class.


What a lovely last week we have together! I’m looking forward to every minute!


Kind Regards,


Ms. Munro

5M – April 23, 2018 Announcement

Good Afternoon Parents
  Parents please send your students with black pants and shoes tomorrow as we have a dress  rehearsal
    Students are still responsible to read the prescribed amount of pages each week, spelling will also be assigned. Other classes may be canceled and moved this week and next week. Math will remain the same except for cancelations on Mondays.
    Students have received a copy of the actions for the play. They ALL need to practice tonight for our rehearsal tomorrow. Thank you in advance for your time, patience, and hard work!
Kind Regards,
Ms. Munro

5M – Announcement March 5, 2018

Hello Parents!

Term Two is slowly coming to a close! Our “Bible: Care for our Common Home” projects are being laminated by the laminating team so we can bind them. Sorry, the wait is still in effect! Fortunately though, the children are finished their iMovie interview projects! If you could please send your child with your email then they can send it to you. Or you can always email me back and I can forward it to you. For the project the children focused on professionalism, editing and communication strategies such as:


L-Listen -if they keep the conversation then great, either wise….

A-Ask another question



E-Empathize (how you feel, how you felt, how you found this situation before)

R-Readdress (start the A Ladder again)

*Students also worked on open ended questions versus closed ended questions to ensure they have a strong interview

  1. Do you have a brother? The person can simply reply, No.


  1. How many brothers and sisters do you have? I have two brothers and no sisters. I’ve always wanted a sister…..


Mr. Dela Luna and I have booked several field trips coming up, you will receive forms as soon as possible

  1. April 5–  Digital Safety (in class including a parents important information night). ***Admin have decided to book their own digital safety workshop, please stay posted***
  2. April 23rd- Paddle Boarding and Classroom Session at Kitsilano Beach (we will need parent volunteers and drivers) – all day –
  3. May 23- Britannia Mine Field Trip – all day –

—– Term Three means Math Platooning Starts!—–
*student will be doing some final self assessments this week and we will begin platooning for term three after the break!

*Mr. Dela Luna and I are very excited, we are also ordering more resources to supplement the program.

We are looking forward to term three very  much!

Best Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro

5M – Shark Tank Video Clip

Dear 5M students,

Here is the Shark Tank video clip we watched in class.
Remember the presentation skills we discussed!
– confidence
– clarity
– communication
– eye contact
– preparedness
– practice
– positive
– projection
– stand by your product
– eye contact
– a particular focus
– Quick thinking – get ready for questions!


Thank you!

Ms Stephanie Munro

5M – November 1, 2017 Math Multiplication Resources

Hello Parents,

Here are a few multiplication videos for children who want an extra guide or reminder. One is faster, and the other has visuals, whichever your child prefers.



These videos are examples and there are many more for each times table.


Here is also an App that you could download. 

Times Tables Quiz! (Multiplication Trainer) By Padadaz

App Store for iOS devices


Google Play Store for Android devices


I hope you had a great Halloween and I wish you all a lovely All Saints Day and All Souls Day!

Kind Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro

5M – October/November Updates

* Students are to read thirty pages of our novel, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, every week so they can be prepared for group work and discussions throughout the week*


Oct 18, 2017- Science Test – Simple Machines

Oct 20, 2017- Pro- D – NO SCHOOL


*Please continue to bring unwanted Halloween Decorations for 5M


Oct 27, 2017- Parent Teacher Interviews (posted outside our room)

Oct 31, 2017- Halloween Parade at 1pm


Nov 1, 2017- Our Mass -5M will be leading the mass

Nov 3, 2017- Soccer Juvenile Boys Finals

Nov 10, 2017- Remembrance Day Service 11:00am

Nov 13, 2017- NO School

Nov 14 , 2017- NO School

Nov 29, 2017- Field Trip to Carousel Theatre to see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe


*Announcement: 5M will be leading a Sunday Mass on December 10th, all students are required to be there unless they have a letter from their parent with a previous commitment noted*


Have a great evening!


Ms. Stephanie Munro