5M – Shark Tank Video Clip

Dear 5M students,

Here is the Shark Tank video clip we watched in class.
Remember the presentation skills we discussed!
– confidence
– clarity
– communication
– eye contact
– preparedness
– practice
– positive
– projection
– stand by your product
– eye contact
– a particular focus
– Quick thinking – get ready for questions!


Thank you!

Ms Stephanie Munro

5M – November 1, 2017 Math Multiplication Resources

Hello Parents,

Here are a few multiplication videos for children who want an extra guide or reminder. One is faster, and the other has visuals, whichever your child prefers.



These videos are examples and there are many more for each times table.


Here is also an App that you could download. 

Times Tables Quiz! (Multiplication Trainer) By Padadaz

App Store for iOS devices


Google Play Store for Android devices


I hope you had a great Halloween and I wish you all a lovely All Saints Day and All Souls Day!

Kind Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro

5M – October/November Updates

* Students are to read thirty pages of our novel, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, every week so they can be prepared for group work and discussions throughout the week*


Oct 18, 2017- Science Test – Simple Machines

Oct 20, 2017- Pro- D – NO SCHOOL


*Please continue to bring unwanted Halloween Decorations for 5M


Oct 27, 2017- Parent Teacher Interviews (posted outside our room)

Oct 31, 2017- Halloween Parade at 1pm


Nov 1, 2017- Our Mass -5M will be leading the mass

Nov 3, 2017- Soccer Juvenile Boys Finals

Nov 10, 2017- Remembrance Day Service 11:00am

Nov 13, 2017- NO School

Nov 14 , 2017- NO School

Nov 29, 2017- Field Trip to Carousel Theatre to see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe


*Announcement: 5M will be leading a Sunday Mass on December 10th, all students are required to be there unless they have a letter from their parent with a previous commitment noted*


Have a great evening!


Ms. Stephanie Munro