A Month of Learning!


It has been a month of blessings, learning, and getting to know new students, a new school, and (for the class of 5P and their respective parents, a new teacher). I am quite excited to put up the first blog post of Grade 5P!

This month, we have covered a handful of topics in the many subject areas. In Language Arts, the students have been learning about many words and how to use them through our Word of the Day, in which we explore new words together as a class, and through synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and even a bit of genre!

Each day, the students are quite eager to see what I have written in “Mr. Pham’s Math Challenge Corner”. The challenges I put up often involve over 3 mathematical processes in order to solve. To my surprise and delight, a handful of students were familiar with numerals that have been squared and even cubed! In order to supplement mathematical thinking of sequences and patterns, the students were instructed to create their own tessellation patterns from one square post-it.



Our Science classes have proven to be full of motion… Both figuratively and literally. This term, we are covering the topic of Force and Motion. Whether it is pushing and pulling in a game of “Poke” (Students challenge each other, or myself, and must “poke” the other person without moving their feet from where they stand), or challenges involving getting a die to the other side of the room only using a ruler and gravity, there is always some sort of demonstration for the students in order to make Science a living experience.

As October comes around the corner, I am looking forward to seeing the students further develop their writing skills and ability to draw lessons and themes from our class novel study of C.S. Lewis’, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I am also very excited to finalize and announce some field trips and workshops (excluding the Victoria Trip to the parliament buildings, which has already been booked and finalized!). Expect such an announcement within the week.

I wish a very blessed and restful weekend to the families at St. Francis Xavier, and I look forward to seeing everyone again after the weekend!


Kind regards,

Mr. D. Pham.



Current Math Challenge of the Day written by One of the students… “For Fun….” (Mr. Pham rewards a successful completion of a Math Challenge with a Hi-Chew)…

600 people protest that people should get 15 km of land instead of 10 km of land. Hayden Yu (the person who would change the amount of land you get) is too busy trying to figure out how to open a zip lock bag. Everyday, 103, 018 more people protest. How many people protest by the end of 2 years?

(Mr. Pham knows the answer!)

Supporting a fellow student’s Growth and Learning

To all parents of Grade 5D,

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for supporting the Multicultural Food Festival last Friday. Everyone who attended had a great time, including the students.  It was awesome to see many of them promoting the country / culture that they studied.  As a bonus, there was tons of food which was also awesome!!!  (I was very full. Thank you.)

Second, on behalf of the Learning Assistance Center, I am making a request. There is a student who is learning the importance of making change, and being customer friendly.   Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the student with the help of the LAC department, has been running a small “store”.  The store sells a variety of items, mostly chips, small erasers, stickers, etc.  The LAC department and the student are NOT FUNDRAISING.  The object of the store is not to make money.  Rather it is to teach various skills that were stated earlier.

The LAC department and school would like the students of 5D to support this endeavor and help a fellow student succeed in these outcomes, as well as, to cover any expenses. The students do not have to buy.  It’s basically up to you.  The students are asked to not bring a lot of money.  I would suggest a maximum of $5.

Thank you for helping and supporting his learning.


Mr. Edward Dela Luna

Grade 5D Teacher


To all Grade 5 parents,

I’m personally excited for the upcoming Multicultural Food Festival that’s happening this coming Friday. I know that children are excited, especially after having done their group projects in the classroom and it’s now time to celebrate learning.

Just a couple of things.

1. It has been pointed out by a parent that they would like confirmation on the date and time. So with that in mind:
- The event is THIS FRIDAY
- Set up time is about 11:45 am.
- It will go through the lunch period.
- Both classes are attending.

2. Who can come?
- Any parent of a Grade 5 student is invited to attend. You don’t have to “volunteer”, however, those that do will be given volunteer hours. Please see me in order to fill out the volunteer hour form.

3. How much food to bring??
- This is always a hard one to answer, however, in the Project Criteria handout that EVERY student has, I stated that roughly $20 – $40 of food per person should suffice.
- As far as what type, whatever you want to bring, but keep in mind the following:
A. Know the ingredients. I have reminded the students that this is an ALLERGY AWARE school and that we need to take care of each other.
B. Each group needs to bring including food: Cutlery, tablecloth, Serving Spoons, Disposable cups and Drinks.
C. Mr. Dela Luna is providing Compostable Plates, Gloves and Cleaning supplies.
D. If your wondering if you can bring “spicy” food, I’m saying yes…however, lean on the “mild” side because most of the students prefer mild rather than spicy. (Some teachers on the other hand like it spicy.<hint, hint>)

4. How many people are attending?
- 56 Grade 5 students
- All SFX staff
- Various parents
So roughly 100 people???

If you have any questions or concerns, I have an open door policy feel free to talk to me at anytime.
Looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday. Have a great day.
Mr. Edward Dela Luna

Thank you for coming to see me.

To all parents of 5D,

I just wanted to say a brief thank you for coming out last week to see me to talk about your child’s progress this term.   I hope it was an informative day.  I just wanted to remind everyone that I do have an open door policy in case anyone still has any concerns.  I know that a couple of parents have seen me throughout the term and have come in to chat a little and have been very helpful.

I also want to thank all the parents who help out at the Grade 5 Pre – Halloween Party.  The children had a lot fun and I was definitely full.  And to all parents who came to the “official” Halloween costume parade it was fun to see the entire school abuzz with excitement.

Finally, I had a talk with my parent rep.  She had told me that some parents expressed concern over the blog.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing my due diligence in updating it.  I will do my best in keeping everyone appraised to the best of my ability.  I consider myself a “geek”, however, I’m not really a blogging kind of person.  I have a Facebook account and I haven’t looked at it in months.  However, this is a part of my job so I will put more of an effort in this area.  As I stated to my students, it comes with practice so I am hoping to take a more proactive approach.

I will update soon with the newsletter.

Have a great day.

Mr. Dela Luna

Thank you to all 5D Parents


To all parents of 5D,

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for supporting this year’s SFX Bazaar.  All of the students attended and their performance was successful and also a lot of fun to do.  I hope everyone had a wonderful time spending it as a family, but also as a parish and school community.  Looking forward to finishing the last month with everyone here.  Let’s finish strong!

Vivat Jesus

Mr. Dela Luna

Upcoming Religion Student Lead Prayer Service

Hello everyone,

For these upcoming weeks each student has been assigned a date when they are to lead the class of 5D in a prayer service.  Here are the critieria for the prayer service.

Length:  4 – 8 min

Group # – 3 / group

What do they need to prepare:

1.  A theme for the prayer -  Examples: God’s Love, Easter, Ressurection, and Forgiveness

2.  To prepare their own prayer with the theme in mind.  The student(s) may write the prayer on index cards and read them aloud.

3.  They need to “decorate” the class prayer table in any way they see fit to lead the prayer service.

4. Each member of the group must do something within the prayer service.

5.  Other than the first 4 points the group must do at least 2 of the following:

  • Read a passage from the bible dealing with the theme.  The group can do more than 1 passage.
  • They can use music as part of their prayer service.
    • The music could be lead by the group (Words of the song need to be prepared.  They could ask Mr. D to help with computer overhead)
    • It could be set as a background to the prayer
    • The group could sing by themselves (maybe with Mr. Ds help)
  • They can do a class lead meditation
  • They can use a variety of pre-written prayers ex:  The Act of Hope, Our Father, or the Memorare.  Note:  They need to have the prayers written out if members of the class do not know the prayer
  • They can say a decade of the rosary or maybe do 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Mary’s and a Glory Be
  • Read a short bio on a Saint or the importance of the theme as it pertains to them.

IF the students need help they can talk with Mr. D at anytime for ideas or with music.

Each student has been picked for this week and all of the following weeks.


Thank you all.

Mr. D

Links to various TV articles about the BC Legislature (Victoria Field Trip)

Good evening everyone,

First I’d like to say thank you to all parents who came out and volunteered for the Grade 5 class’ field trip to Victoria.  Second, even though there was a great tragedy in our nation’s capital, Ottawa and Parliament, nothing bad happened at the “mini” Parliament buildings.  Actually, for those of you who don’t know, the place where the students went to is officially called The Legislature – where the Legislative Assembly and the Premier as part of the Provincial Government NOT the FEDERAL government meet.  The Federal government is in Ottawa in Parliament.

Many parents are asking for links of various newsreels that include details of the students of SFX.  So on behalf of all of the interested parents and students, I’ve compiled a list of links that include video footage of the students when they went to the BC Legislature.  Please keep in mind that some of the footage might be a little long so you might have to use your mouse to “fast forward” to where the students are.  I will try to add the “rough” timeline on each link to look for.  Also depending on the link you will see footage of the shooting in Parliament in Ottawa.  Again the students were all safe.

Even though it was a tragic event in Ottawa, the students themselves enjoyed their visit to the BC Legislature…the cameras just made it more exciting.  I would like to personally thank Marcus’ mom, Mrs. Chow for one of the links.  Also if anyone here looked at either the Vancouver Metro Newspaper or the Vancouver Sun, there is a picture of the class in it, however, they actually printed out that the classes were turned away from their tour which is categorically untrue.  We just went around the side of the building to another entrance that was more secure.  As soon as I have time, I will scan the article and re-publish here on this blog.

Now here are the following links:

1.  http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/BC/ID/2567388701/

This is from CBC news.  The part of the kids is around time index 0:36

2.  http://globalnews.ca/news/1149299/watch-news-hour/

This is from News Hour GlobalTV.  The part of the kids is around time index 12:20 (I would start at 12:15 to hear Premier Christy Clark’s speech) -<Thanks Mrs. Chow.>

3.  http://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=474622

This is from CTV News.  The kids part is around time index 0:58

4.  http://www.cheknews.ca/bc-legislature-boosted-security-restricted-public-access-shooting-parliament-hill-ottawa/

This last one was from CHEK TV news.  The part of the kids is around time index 0:15.  In my personal opinion, this is the best clip of them all…but don’t just take my word for it. :-)

Anyway, I hope all the links work.  In case they don’t maybe just copy the address and paste it onto the above address bar and it should send you to that site.  Second, people are wondering how long will the articles be up, I personally don’t know.  Also I don’t know how to copy the video footage themselves.  If someone does know, can you send to the school or to me the video so I can have a copy???

Enjoy the videos.  I can’t promise that the other field trips will be as “exciting” however, they will be fun and educational for the students.

Pax Christi and Proud to be Canadian.

Mr. Dela Luna