Upcoming Religion Student Lead Prayer Service

Hello everyone,

For these upcoming weeks each student has been assigned a date when they are to lead the class of 5D in a prayer service.  Here are the critieria for the prayer service.

Length:  4 – 8 min

Group # – 3 / group

What do they need to prepare:

1.  A theme for the prayer –  Examples: God’s Love, Easter, Ressurection, and Forgiveness

2.  To prepare their own prayer with the theme in mind.  The student(s) may write the prayer on index cards and read them aloud.

3.  They need to “decorate” the class prayer table in any way they see fit to lead the prayer service.

4. Each member of the group must do something within the prayer service.

5.  Other than the first 4 points the group must do at least 2 of the following:

  • Read a passage from the bible dealing with the theme.  The group can do more than 1 passage.
  • They can use music as part of their prayer service.
    • The music could be lead by the group (Words of the song need to be prepared.  They could ask Mr. D to help with computer overhead)
    • It could be set as a background to the prayer
    • The group could sing by themselves (maybe with Mr. Ds help)
  • They can do a class lead meditation
  • They can use a variety of pre-written prayers ex:  The Act of Hope, Our Father, or the Memorare.  Note:  They need to have the prayers written out if members of the class do not know the prayer
  • They can say a decade of the rosary or maybe do 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Mary’s and a Glory Be
  • Read a short bio on a Saint or the importance of the theme as it pertains to them.

IF the students need help they can talk with Mr. D at anytime for ideas or with music.

Each student has been picked for this week and all of the following weeks.


Thank you all.

Mr. D