To all Grade 5 parents,

I’m personally excited for the upcoming Multicultural Food Festival that’s happening this coming Friday. I know that children are excited, especially after having done their group projects in the classroom and it’s now time to celebrate learning.

Just a couple of things.

1. It has been pointed out by a parent that they would like confirmation on the date and time. So with that in mind:
– The event is THIS FRIDAY
– Set up time is about 11:45 am.
– It will go through the lunch period.
– Both classes are attending.

2. Who can come?
– Any parent of a Grade 5 student is invited to attend. You don’t have to “volunteer”, however, those that do will be given volunteer hours. Please see me in order to fill out the volunteer hour form.

3. How much food to bring??
– This is always a hard one to answer, however, in the Project Criteria handout that EVERY student has, I stated that roughly $20 – $40 of food per person should suffice.
– As far as what type, whatever you want to bring, but keep in mind the following:
A. Know the ingredients. I have reminded the students that this is an ALLERGY AWARE school and that we need to take care of each other.
B. Each group needs to bring including food: Cutlery, tablecloth, Serving Spoons, Disposable cups and Drinks.
C. Mr. Dela Luna is providing Compostable Plates, Gloves and Cleaning supplies.
D. If your wondering if you can bring “spicy” food, I’m saying yes…however, lean on the “mild” side because most of the students prefer mild rather than spicy. (Some teachers on the other hand like it spicy.<hint, hint>)

4. How many people are attending?
– 56 Grade 5 students
– All SFX staff
– Various parents
So roughly 100 people???

If you have any questions or concerns, I have an open door policy feel free to talk to me at anytime.
Looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday. Have a great day.
Mr. Edward Dela Luna