December is here!

As the cold weather is upon us, it’s important to send your children to school in the appropriate clothing. With our newly done playground surface, students will be sent out during recess times even when it is drizzling outside. This means children¬†should definitely be arriving at school with warm jackets at the least. You can send them with gloves, a hat and boots as you see necessary. Also, students should be arriving at school with their full school uniform each day, including their black shoes and sweaters.

Also, it is cold and flu season and many students and staff have been falling ill (myself included!). Just a reminder that if your child is showing any flu symptoms, it may be best to keep them at home in order to reduce the spread of sickness. Here is an article to help you decide when to keep your child at home and another article with 6 ways to help your child avoid the flu!

As Term One is coming to an end, students have been working hard to complete their assignments and projects. They are all commended for their hard work on their Science presentations!

Here is the newsletter for December (with a few important dates for January as well).

Grade 6O Newsletter – December


Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Ms. Olaivar