January Newsletter

Welcome back all!

As we welcome the new year with more snow, I’d just like to reminder you to have your children dressed in the appropriate clothing for this chilly weather! I suggest giving your children an opportunity to spend some time playing in the fresh air as we haven’t had any outdoor recess’ since the snow began in December!

Additionally, we’ll be beginning our Speech Arts preparation and ask for you to encourage your children to memorize the poem once they’ve received it.

All students are now asked to write all the homework for the day in their agendas regardless of whether they finish their work in class or not. This is to give you, the parents, an idea of what we are doing in class. That being said, don’t forget to sign their agendas each night!

Here is the January Newsletter!

Grade 6O – January Newsletter


December Newsletter

As we approach the winter break, we’re feeling increasingly more festive! We’ve begun decorating our classroom with decorations made by the students and even made cards to include with the Giving Tree backpacks. Students are reminded to dress appropriately for the weather as we’re getting colder temperatures.

Additionally, report cards will be coming home in the next few days, followed by parent-teacher interviews! Everyone did awesome this term and I’m looking forward to the improvements we can all make in Term 2. Even small steps forward contribute to their progress! I look forward to seeing you all on Friday! (If the snow allows us…)

Here is the newsletter for this month and a photo of the children with their cards and our Advent wreath.

Grade 6O – December Newsletter


Ms. Olaivar

November Newsletter

The success of our pumpkin carving activity, as well as a fun and creative Halloween parade marks the end of October! November is here and we are reminded of the meaning of peace within the global world, as well as our own little worlds.

The grade six students are nearing the end of the first school term and finishing up several units and lessons.  Remind your child  to put forth his or her best efforts in completing and handing in assignments on time, as report card time is quickly approaching.   Students who read or participated in our 6O class mass in October are to be commended for their fine efforts and for being reverent.  Student readers for the  Sunday mass led by both grade six classes also did a fine job!

Here is this month’s newsletter!

Grade 6O – November Newsletter


Ms. Olaivar

September Newsletter

Welcome all! I hope you had an amazing summer break although I’m sure most of us are still craving more relaxation and sunshine. To get everyone back into the swing of things, I have this month’s newsletter as well as some general information for the school year.

Grade 6 – Newsletter – September

It was great meeting all the parents and children today! I’m excited for what this year has in store.

God bless,
Ms. Olaivar