Homework for April 27-May 1st

Greetings Grade Sevens! Thank you all for attending our zoom meetings last week. Here are your homework instructions for this week.

ART-Please continue with your Photo Art Assignment. Many of these assignments have been sent to Ms. Molina. Please remember 7B send me your art, career, and Religion assignments. Do not send to Ms. Molina.

RELIGION-Please continue with your religion assignments. (a new religion assignment may be posted by tomorrow)

CAREER-Please continue working on your Business Plans

SOCIAL STUDIES-Please continue working on your Infographic Assignment on Ancient Technologies

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS-Please continue with the previous English Assignments. You have been given a new TPCASTT poem that we will discuss on Friday during the zoom meeting. Please see the English Language Page for more details.

I hope the easing of assignments this week gives everyone some breathing room and not the feeling of being overworked. Your all doing very well and I look forward to seeing the results of your projects next weekend.

PS. I will continue sending out marks throughout the week. So if you haven’t received anything yet please be patient they are on the way.

Thank You.


Greetings Grade Sevens! There are new assignments this week for ART, RELIGION and CAREER. Please check out those pages and download the materials. Many of you are still working hard on Socials and English so there won’t be any new material this week except that you should have done your first TPCASST in poetry on Sonnet 18 by Friday. The “tabloid art” for Assignment number two will be uploaded by the end of the day on Monday. Please remember our first zoom meeting is scheduled for Tuesday. Cheers!

Zoom Information

Greetings GradeSevens! I have sent by email the Zoom times, meeting numbers and passwords. The meeting number and the password will always stay the same so that if you miss a meeting time you may make it up later. However, please only attend the times that are designated for your class. Our first meeting together will go over any questions you might have, updates and general information about assignments and due dates. Friday will be specifically for your TPCASST on “Sonnet 18” and other ELL assignments.

Please continue with the assignments from last week. I will be posting the pictures for the tabloid assignment or sending it directly by email soon.

Sincerely, Mr. Brooks

Regularly Scheduled Zoom Meetings

Greetings Grade Sevens! I now am able to confirm our Zoom times starting next week. Our regularly scheduled times together will be…

Tuesday: 7B 10am-11am. 7M 1pm-2pm

Friday: 7B 10am-11am 7M 1pm-2pm

Tuesday will be for Social Studies and Friday will be for Language Arts. Also, this will give me an opportunity to answer any questions you might have. I will send the meeting names and passwords through email to you and your parents. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Best Regards

Mr. Brooks

Assignments Updated

Greetings Grade Sevens! I hope you all had a blessed Easter. I have uploaded new assignments in the courses sections so please have a look.

Many of you have still not handed in assignments from the previous week. I will wait a few days and then will start sending out emails to students. Please finish these assignments within the next coupe days as we are moving on to new units!

The new assignments in English and Social Studies will be due May 1st.

Expect Zoom Conferences regarding the poetry unit to begin as soon as possible. In the meantime please email me any questions or concerns that you may have.

Please download the “Introduction to the Poetry Unit” first for detailed instruction on what to expect in the following weeks.

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication. The work that I have received so far has been amazing! I’m very proud of you all!


Happy Easter!

A very Happy Easter to all Grade Sevens and their families! A quick reminder that because tomorrow is a holiday I will be uploading new assignments on Tuesday. Also, Ms. Olaivar asked me to remind you to check her webpage and don’t forget to hand in any assignments. Remember assignments for the previous week should be handed in by tomorrow night. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy Easter!

English Graphic Novel or Short Story

Greetings Grade Sevens!

This is a friendly reminder that the Graphic Novel or Short Story that was assigned before Spring Break still needs to be submitted. I don’t want any of you to feel pressured to rush this assignment. Please take your time and do your best Please follow the instructions that I gave you in the handout. If you need feedback before doing your good copy you may send me a rough draft for me to browse. This assignment should be submitted by APRIL 30th. I’m giving everyone enough time that you will create a story that you can truly be proud of. Please manage your time wisely as next week we will be starting poetry.

Keep up the good work! You’re all doing really well.