Greetings to all the Parents.  The newsletter for this month was delayed for some days due to technical difficulties but now we have it up and running!

Language Arts

Both classes have been working diligently on essay writing and reading.  We have been making good progress in our preparations for the FSA exams.  This October students will be doing their first Book Report and should have a novel chosen by the first week of October.  Students will submit their book reports on October 31st.  Students should be reading a few chapters everyday.

Social Studies

Both classes have been exploring the evolution of humans, and the societies in which they lived.  Students have learned about Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy), Homo Habilis, Paranthropus Boisei, Homo Erectus, and Neanderthals.  We have examined the migration of Homo sapiens as they left Africa and replaced other groups of early humans.  Likewise, we have studied the palaeontology of early humans to better understand how they lived.  There will be a quiz on early humans, and then we will move on to the rise of the first civilizations in Mesopotamia.  


We have been discussing the ways in which God makes himself known to us. We have also discussed how we should respond to what he has revealed. In October, we will learn about the canonized saints. Students will identify qualities of holiness and describe how the saints demonstrated these qualities.

In math, both classes have been working on review in the form of small-group problem solving. The topics covered were how to add and subtract decimal numbers, how to multiply and divide decimal numbers and how to use the order of operations to solve problems involving decimal numbers. We will continue working on this chapter into October when students will begin learning about fractions, decimals, and percents. In addition to our regular Math curriculum, students have also been preparing for the FSA tests. Please take a look on the 7M website for additional FSA information.
The students began the year with an introduction to Chemistry. As the month of October progresses, students will be learning about elements, compounds, pure substances, the crystalline structures of solids, and chemical changes. In addition to classroom work, we will be performing in-class experiments and research projects.