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Newsletter for April 2020

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian (s),

To begin with, we would like to thank you for your patience during these very challenging times. We have all been impacted by COVID-19 in various ways and our school has been working diligently in the past few weeks in an effort to put plans in place for your child’s educational program. During this current week, the grade seven teachers have been working closely together in order to deliver your child’s educational program starting the week of April 6th.

We, clearly understand that this new learning may be challenging for families, but it is our mandate to provide each student with essential learning in order to be successful for the coming year. This will include moving slowly and consistently with important curricular competencies so your child can be ready. It is our expectation that your child will engage in this essential learning in order to successfully complete their courses. 

We will be releasing a more detailed outline of what parents are to expect in the coming weeks.  Additionally, issues such as assessments, grades and video conferencing are expected to be resolved.  For now, we suggest that parents who are not yet on SEESAW use the code given to them by their classroom teacher to sign in as soon as possible.  This will facilitate the speediness at which teachers may start getting materials into the hands of the students.  We are also working on editing our school website and will be posting materials there as well.  For those of you without access to online tools, we will be providing hard copies available for pickup at the office.  We would also like to take the time to remind parents that they may pick up their child’s learning supplies in the gym starting this Friday.

Thank you and God Bless.

Mr. Matthew Brooks

Ms. Delia Molina 

February Newsletter for 7B/7M

Happy Chinese New Year!  This month is very busy with speech arts, ski trips, and extracurricular activities.  However, the students are working hard and we are making good progress.

January was a busy month for the students and our math class was no exception as we learned about integers. The students will start in February by learning about patterns and expressions. They will explore how to describe patterns, variables and expressions, evaluate expressions, and graph linear relations. During classes and tests, students will be regularly solving multi-step word problems to help prepare them for further education as well as develop their critical thinking skills.


During the month of January, the grade sevens studied the different ways electricity is generated as well as their different environmental impacts. Both classes will complete a couple of labs that will include building a simple electric motor. Since most of our learning will be inquiry-based, the students will be presented with questions that they will need to research critically and make personal connections to. We are striving for the development of higher-order and critical thinking skills in students’ work that is based on research, personal connections, and evidence.

Social Studies:

This month we will be covering the Ancient Greeks from the Bronze Age Collapse until the end of the Classical Era.  Students will be given a number of assignments and a final project to complete.  Recently, I gave the students a homework package to be completed by the end of the unit.  It is quite a large package so it’s not expected that students complete it over a weekend.  Rather, as we move through the history of Ancient Greece students will be able to fill in the information as needed.  Likewise, we are striving in this unit to make students investigators of history rather than simply passive observers.  Students will be required in some assignments to use their ingenuity and critical thinking to solve the outcome of events.

Language Arts:

This month we begin our journey into the world of Beowulf!  Students will work in groups to complete their inquiry into this amazing story, then will perform a different part from the epic tale in front of the class.  Students will learn about different literary devices such as characterization, dialogue, plot, setting etc…. Eventually, students will get to create their own short stories that may also be done in the form of a graphic novel.  Likewise, we will continue to focus on reading comprehension and a number of short reading assignments will be sent home.

7B & 7M Newsletter for December 2019

Social Studies
It’s getting colder and darker but we continue to move forward eager for the Christmas holidays.  In Social Studies we will be working on our Origin Mythology Projects.  I would like to thank all the parents for helping their children purchase some amazing presentation boards.  The students have been diligent in their research up until now, and we will continue to work on our presentations for over 26 different mythologies!  Once completed, students will be asked to present their origin myths and write a reflective essay comparing and contrasting the different myths they have learned about.  It is my hope that they notice some striking similarities that span cultures and civilizations.  This assignment will be due on December 16th.
English Language Arts
The Grade Sevens are currently working on the creation of Biographical Essays.  Each student has chosen a book on an important person of their choosing.  It may have been a political figure, general, saint, activist, entertainer, artist, etc…. The selection was limited to the last three centuries to ensure that detailed accounts were written by that person’s biographer.  The students also had the option of choosing an autobiography.  The Grade Sevens have now been given two handouts; the first is a package that they should complete at home.  It asks the students to select and review important events pertaining to that person’s life.  The second handout will be completed mostly in class.  It goes through the important steps in writing a biographical essay.  This assignment will be due on December 16th. 
A big thanks to all those parents who donated $2 for the upcoming art project.  We will be making sock snowmen.  If you would like to see what we will be making please check out the link below.  Cheers!
Sock Snowman Link:
Christian Education
 One of the most important times on the Church Liturgical Calendar; Advent is a time of renewal and reflection as we wait for the coming of Jesus Christ.  In religion, we will be guiding the children through some of the most important aspects of advent and learning how to bring the love of Christ into our lives and the lives of others this Christmas Season.


As the month of December starts, so will

the Grade Sevens’ exploration of Probability.

Before beginning this chapter, both

classes will be completing math work in

preparation for any upcoming placement

tests. The unit on probability will cover

theoretical and experimental probability for

independent and compound events.

If you would like extra math practice for

your child, please let me know. Exposure

to a variety of questions and styles as well as

practice will help ensure students reach

their potential.


As November came to an end, the Grade Sevens

continued working on crystalline structure

and conducted an inquiry on factors that affect

crystal growth. Students will transition to

learning about changes in matter and chemical

changes. Once we have completed this, we

will move onto the topic of Electromagnetism.

Students will be given ample class-time to

work on any group projects but will be expected

to complete some research at home.


Greetings to all the Parents.  The newsletter for this month was delayed for some days due to technical difficulties but now we have it up and running!

Language Arts

Both classes have been working diligently on essay writing and reading.  We have been making good progress in our preparations for the FSA exams.  This October students will be doing their first Book Report and should have a novel chosen by the first week of October.  Students will submit their book reports on October 31st.  Students should be reading a few chapters everyday.

Social Studies

Both classes have been exploring the evolution of humans, and the societies in which they lived.  Students have learned about Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy), Homo Habilis, Paranthropus Boisei, Homo Erectus, and Neanderthals.  We have examined the migration of Homo sapiens as they left Africa and replaced other groups of early humans.  Likewise, we have studied the palaeontology of early humans to better understand how they lived.  There will be a quiz on early humans, and then we will move on to the rise of the first civilizations in Mesopotamia.  


We have been discussing the ways in which God makes himself known to us. We have also discussed how we should respond to what he has revealed. In October, we will learn about the canonized saints. Students will identify qualities of holiness and describe how the saints demonstrated these qualities.

In math, both classes have been working on review in the form of small-group problem solving. The topics covered were how to add and subtract decimal numbers, how to multiply and divide decimal numbers and how to use the order of operations to solve problems involving decimal numbers. We will continue working on this chapter into October when students will begin learning about fractions, decimals, and percents. In addition to our regular Math curriculum, students have also been preparing for the FSA tests. Please take a look on the 7M website for additional FSA information.
The students began the year with an introduction to Chemistry. As the month of October progresses, students will be learning about elements, compounds, pure substances, the crystalline structures of solids, and chemical changes. In addition to classroom work, we will be performing in-class experiments and research projects.


Please take a look at the following Carbon Footprint Calculators.

These should be free and relatively simple to use.  As mentioned in class, please do not use any calculators that require you to register or give personal information.

If the following link does not work, type in “A student’s guide to global climate change” in google and click on the first result.  This should take you to the following site.