French Grade 5 House Project Structure & Evaluation

Friday, April 12, 2019

Dear parents,

The grade 5 students will create a model of a house and describe its rooms and furniture in sentences to assist in understanding and communicating for French.

House Structure

First, they will construct the structure of a house, which can be made out of cardboard or wood. Parents are able to help with the structure, but not they are not allowed to describe its rooms and furniture. Once students have completed the structure, they cannot bring it back home. They will work on the house as an on-going project until the end of May. The structure is due Wednesday, April 24th, 2019.

House Evaluation Total: /100
Sentences (including the use of the verbs avoir & etre and the prepositions of place) /30

Labels /20

Spelling /10

Content /10

Furniture /10

Plan /5
Decorations /5
Creativity /5
Completion of tasks /5

Reminder: Students will be assessed for ongoing group work on a criteria checklist within the context of the above tasks until May 31th. At this stage, focus is on the language comprehension skills. Group tasks are to be completed in school. Moreover, individual tasks can be completed at home.

*Important*: Students cannot bring harmful or hazardous tools to school for constructing a model of a house (examples: a knife, a glue gun and a paper cutter).

Thank you,

Mr. Balintona