Grade 5: House Evaluation

House Evaluation Total: /100
Plan /5
Furniture /10
Decorations /10
Sentences/Labels /30
Content (including the use of the verbs avoir & etre and the prepositions of place) /15
Spelling /15
Creativity /5
Completion of tasks /10

Reminder: Students will be assessed for ongoing group work on a criteria checklist within the context of the above tasks until May 31th. At this stage, focus is on the language comprehension skills. Group tasks are to be completed in school. Moreover, individual tasks can be completed at home.

Grade 5 Unit Test Outline (November 15)

  1. Identify the following snacks in complete sentences. (Eg. Voici la crème glacée.)
  2. Classify the following snacks into categories.(C’est nutritif ou ce n’est pas nutritif.)
  3. Identify the right instructions to prepare a meal. (Eg. Etaler, couper, placer, ajouter et mélanger.)
  4. Conjugate the following verb ending in “-er” in the present tense.
  5. Identify the following food at the supermarket. (Study worksheets pages 56 & 57.)

For all students & parents – Words to pronounce in French – Wiktionary


1. On the left column of the website, under “In other languages”, click on “Français”.

2. On the right side of the French page, write the French word on the search engine “Rechercher” and click on the search button.

3. Scroll down to “Prononciation” and click on to the play button and practice pronouncing the French word.


Grade 4 Homework

Describing your favourite school location

Instructions: 1. Introduce and describe your favourite school location.

2. Describe what you like to do and do not like to in your location.



Dans ma salle de classe, il y a vingt-huit pupitres, trente-deux chaises, dix-neuf fenetres, vingt portes, trois tableaux, trois bureaux, deux ordinateur et cinq tables.

J’aime manger le spaghetti, le poulet et le riz sur ma pupitre. J’aime boire de l’eau et du lait.