Online learning language tools

Dear students and parents,

Today I would like to share you a very helpful language tool which has been introduced and demonstrated in Mandarin class. You are highly expected to take a look and to have a try for one or two functions.

It is the “Yabla”. That is not only an online dictionary, it but also offers lots of interesting and engaging activities, language games to review vocabularies and to improve listening comprehension through watching authentic videos.

I have made a pdf for use instructions. Hopefully, it will help you to look up any information in Mandarin, to enjoy watching those short videos, and to help your child to work more efficient and independent when they need to do any Mandarin homework or projects at home.

All students are aware of being an honest and trusted child. Moreover, they have been educated regarding the importance to well take use of the technology and Internet as well. They are encouraged to use a computer as a learning tool for some time in order to complete any searching tasks. Thank you very much for parents’ support and understanding.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.



Hus Laoshi, Mandarin teacher