Congratulations to all Winners on Stamp counting day

Dear all,

The result of the Stamp Counting for the duration of Term-one has come out already.

There are two competitions included. Part One is about all stamps that the students have received for their “learning achievement” from various topics. Part Two is about all stamps got due to each student’s overall “class performance” which has marked on their Mandarin record card. They are generally six students rewarded in each class who have received a symbolized present as a prize. However, some classes have seven winners. It means that there are two students who received the same amount of stamps from the teachers.

I am very glad to announce the winners of each class. All the winners not only focus on the learning task in classes, but also work very hard to achieve high marks. Please join me and congratulating their remarkable achievement and excellent performances. In addition, I would like to support all winners to continuously maintain your good work attitude. In the meantime, the rest of students in each class are strongly encouraged to try your very best. Hsu Laoshi is looking forward to seeing other students’ progress.

Please find all the uploaded pictures for the celebration of their victory.  Since the content of this post will be password protected, you have to type the password before viewing all their exciting pictures. The Mandarin Chinese teacher will give the password to access the post in class tomorrow. Thanks for your attention!

6oimg-20161205-wa0002  6b

4limg-20161204-wa0014  4cimg-20161204-wa0023

7mimg-20161204-wa0015  7kmg-20161204-wa0029

5cimg-20161204-wa0005   4limg-20161204-wa0014

Hsu Laoshi