Test Notice-Next Monday

Dear all,

You have been successfully followed the learning plan and meet the monthly learning objectives already in October. The next step is to show me your learning achievement about the topic.

Please find attached the Test Notice from Gr. 4 to Gr. 7. The unit test will be on next Monday. After that, you can enjoy the Halloween on Tuesday.

We have went through the test notice in class and done those sample questions for each section. You can try to answer those questions again on the website for more practice. There is an old saying: Practice makes perfect!

The unit test will be very important and the result of the unit test absolutely will be counted and reflected on the Term One report card. Go! You can do it.

God bless,

Hsu Laoshi

Gr 4 Test Notice 中秋節考試通知

Gr 5 Test Notice 中秋節考試通知

Gr 6 Test Notice 中秋節考試通知

Gr 7 Test Notice 中秋節考試通知