Show & Tell Project-Homework Reminders

Dear all,

I believe that you have been informed that No School on Wednesday, Nov. 22 due to water cutting off at SFX. This is a decision without a notice ahead of time. Also, two thirds of Gr.7 students were absent today due to the Mini School exam. They subsequently missed a class. I therefore would like to give all students some friendly and important reminders about the homework and expectations of the project of Show & Tell.

Based on the learning schedule on page 2, all students are working on the draft of the project after completing the plan sheet in details and after looking up some Chinese terms and phrases. All students are expected to first finish his/her project draft including three parts before receiving the good copy in yellow color. They are 1. to draw and color the object, 2. to take a half body colorful shot with the object, 3. to follow the format (1-8) to introduce your object in Chinese. You can take the practice sheet and teacher’s sample sheet as your reference. In addition, you are encouraged to search and look up some words through online dictionaries.

Other than google translate, I have introduced another free and helpful learning resource. It will be easy to find it once you type “ yabla. com” on the website address. I have mentioned regarding supporting students’ learning need on a parent’s hard-copy notice as well as in the previous email. The students have to be trained and to learn how to be more independent little by little. I had emphasized in class the importance of being honest and building mutual trust through taking well use of the time and the online learning resources. Students will feel proud when they learn Chinese words, pinyin and writing strokes through this procedure and their effort.

All students are expected to continuously working on the project. Most of the students have showed me their drawings and colorful pictures. Please find attached samples. They have followed instructions and done a good job. Some students even have received the good copy after teacher’s checking their 1-8 sentences. Please make sure to meet the criteria and expectations which are listed on the scheduled pg. 2. The content of an introduction of your object will be the main part of the oral speech next week when you do your presentation.

Please note that it’s necessary and important to add pinyin and meaning of any new words to your draft sheet. You will have to practice and prepare for the oral speech later. However, on the good copy, you have to write the neat and tidy CH. character ONLY.

All students have to at least show me your ready draft paper on Thursday. Whoever has received the good copy, are also welcome to show your good job in the next class on Thursday. You will have some time to finalize and to make some improvement before submission during the Mandarin time. The project will be due on Friday, Nov 25. Next week, we are going to focus on the oral presentation. Please see the detail on schedule pg. 3. Thanks for your attention and great effort!

Finally, please get your schedule and HW checklist signed by your parents at the bottom of Pg.1. Below are the file sheets.

Show and Tell Schedule & checklist-Pg.1-3

20171121_190148   20171121_185643

20171121_190205   20171121_185531

20171121_185840   20171121_185414 20171121_185131

Listen to the sample recording of Show & Tell for Gr.4-7

Dear all,

I hope that you all have some family time and already enjoy your long weekend.

For the teachers’ Pro-D day on Tuesday, you can review the handout of the sample and listen to the recording again. After that, you can work on the worksheet of meaning comprehension. With the EN. notes of keywords, you can show me your understanding of the message about the teacher’s sample of Show & Tell.

Gr.4 新手機-

Gr.5 新墨鏡-

Gr.6 新背包-

Gr.7 新衣服-

Blessings in Christ,

Hsu Laoshi

Monthly plan in November

Dear all,

We have started learning another new topic in November. It is “Show & Tell in Mandarin”. The big idea is to integrate some Chinese words we have learned so far and to demonstrate the progress of your oral ability in Mandarin.

All students have received the first page of their learning Schedule & HW. Checklist regarding this topic. You are expected to follow instructions and the learning plan in order to step by step complete your speech of Show & Tell and to get ready for an oral presentation. Below is the learning plan for this month.

1. understand the Basic Format

2. be aware of main Structure (a or b) and practice the title of “新水瓶my new water bottle”, “新球鞋my new runner or 新皮鞋my new black shoes”.

3. study a sample as a reference which maybe related to your life experience.

-Gr. 4:我的新手機 My new cell phone

-Gr.5:我的新墨鏡 My new sunglasses

-Gr.6:我的新背包 My new backpack

-Gr.7:我的新衣服 My new clothing

4. follow the format and start working on a draft of your plan for your show & Tell.

5. prepare for the content of your speech (from 1 to 8 + a greeting in the beginning and conclusion at the end)

6. a mini project (one-page draft paper first before receiving a good copy).

7. rehearsal with group members and formal presentation in front of the class

8. fill in message you hear and complete the information sheets while listening to other students’ presentations.


Dear parents/guardians,

It will be very helpful to keep track of your child’s learning for this topic and check if he/she follows the schedule and gets his/her work done on time. As you have known, reading practice is also initially important to improve their pronunciation and oral skill for learning Mandarin. Subsequently, I need your cooperation and support being your child’s audience when sometimes he/she needs to practice at home as their oral homework.

In addition, while preparing for the content of their oral presentation, they might need to use a computer and look up some words or phrases through online dictionaries. Thanks for your attention and continuous support.

God bless,

Hsu Laoshi

Test Notice-Next Monday

Dear all,

You have been successfully followed the learning plan and meet the monthly learning objectives already in October. The next step is to show me your learning achievement about the topic.

Please find attached the Test Notice from Gr. 4 to Gr. 7. The unit test will be on next Monday. After that, you can enjoy the Halloween on Tuesday.

We have went through the test notice in class and done those sample questions for each section. You can try to answer those questions again on the website for more practice. There is an old saying: Practice makes perfect!

The unit test will be very important and the result of the unit test absolutely will be counted and reflected on the Term One report card. Go! You can do it.

God bless,

Hsu Laoshi

Gr 4 Test Notice 中秋節考試通知

Gr 5 Test Notice 中秋節考試通知

Gr 6 Test Notice 中秋節考試通知

Gr 7 Test Notice 中秋節考試通知



Grade 7 moon story-Origin of moon cake 中秋月餅

Dear all,

Please listen to the attached recording about the origin of Moon cakes, and the story regarding moon cakes in the Chinese history.

Please listen to the first recording about the origin of the round cakes and then practice reading the story as your oral homework tonight. The second historical story and the second recording will be assigned as the other HW for the following day.

G7 月餅由來&歷史

Hsu Laoshi

Grade 6 moon story- Jade rabbit 玉兔搗藥

Dear all,

Please listen to the attached recording about the story of Jade rabbit (the moon bunny) who not only is the Moon lady’s companion, but also helps make magic potion.

There are two different legends about the rabbit. Please listen to the recording of the first story and then practice reading the story as your oral homework tonight. The second story and the second recording will be assigned as the other HW for tomorrow.

G6 故事內容-玉兔搗藥

Hsu Laoshi

Monthly Plan for October

Dear all,

Thank you so much for all your great support to the Round Party last week. It was the first party for most of the classes, and it was very joyful and exciting cultural celebration during Mandarin time. There will be some fantastic pictures posted on the Mandarin bulletins.

As you might also have celebrated the Moon Festival, in October, we are going to learn more about the tradition and customs mainly through-

  1. description of various celebrating activities.

  2. interactive class activities such as group discussion, partners

    interview, and presentation.

  3. a mini project of the topic

  4. stories/legends about the moon (with audio and video assistance); main characters in those stories.

            Gr. 4- CH. great archer, 后羿射日

            Gr. 5- the Moon Lady, 嫦娥奔月

            Gr. 6- Jade Rabbit, 玉兔搗藥

            Gr. 7- Origin of moon cakes, 月餅由來

       5. poems regarding the moon

           Gr. 4- Quiet night thoughts靜夜思

           Gr. 5- Drink alone under the moon月下獨酌

           Gr. 6- Think of you as enjoy the moon望月懷遠

           Gr. 7- Hope you are there截選水調歌頭(短式)

       6. assessment-unit written test

Happy Moon Festival: )

Dear all,

IMG-20171004-WA0000      b5203e786abb

Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Moon Festival or Reunion Festival. Since it’s always on August 15th based on the lunar calendar. Therefore, it’s also well known as August Festival. Wish you all a good time with families and friends.



敬祝大家 佳節快樂!

Hsu Laoshi 許老師


A famous song of the moon-月亮代表我的心

Dear all,

This is one of my favorite CH. songs-The moon represents my heart : )I like Ms. Teng,鄧麗君 and her many beautiful voice very much. Hope you will also enjoy it.

Wish you all a very warm and happy Moon Festival!

祝大家 中秋節快樂!

Hsu Laoshi

14377336239949    DSC00190


Round Party tomorrow, Tuesday

Dear all,

In order to celebrate the Chinese traditional festival, Mid Autumn Festival or Moon Festival, there will be a Round Party in each class during Mandarin time. Please bring some round treats, food or fruit to share with others.

We are going to have some class activity and watch related videos during the party.

Here is the party notice. 2017 Round Party-Letter to Parents中秋節

Dear Parents,

After school please ask your child something about the tradition of family reunion and discuss with him/her about the videos they have watched during the Mandarin class.Thank you!

Hsu Laoshi



Monthly plan in September

Dear all,

There are only three weeks of Mandarin class after the new school year starts in September. The learning plan has been focusing on the following points. warm up and to help students get ready for learning and speaking Mandarin. know their classmates in the new class through self introduction and other class activities in Mandarin Chinese.

3. to learn class rules in both English and Chinese especially some common and useful key words & phrases.

4. to assess students regarding their learning outcome of the main topic.

Hsu Laoshi

Welcome new families subscribing Mandarin website

Good morning! SFX parents and students,
Thank you for your care and support to child/children’s learning Mandarin Chinese.
This is just a brief greeting to those new families via the new post and make sure that you have successfully subscribed the intermediate Mandarin website. From now on, once I have any new posts, you will received it through the school auto contact system.
Wish you all the best and have a great day!
Hsu Laoshi



The school reopens. Welcome back:)

Dear all,



It was very nice to see you all. Some of you have grown taller. What ‘s your goal for the new school year?


The Mandarin Program is going to bring you more interesting topics which will help you know more about Chinese language and culture as well.


許老師 Hsu Laoshi

Gr7-Two Chinese songs for Grad Dinner

Dear all,
Please listen to the music and practice singing as much as possible.
7M- 我的未來不是夢 My Future is not a dream
7K- 有一天 One day
All of you are supposed to memorize the lyrics and then you can sing and enjoy with other classmates. There will be a rehearsal tomorrow on Thursday.
We have practiced a bit in class and also arranged the position that you are going to line up. There will be two rows. Girls will be in the front, and boys are standing on the wooden benches at the back row. Please ask your classmates about your position if you helped the race event at the gym today.
Hsu Laoshi


Gr.6 Food Project-營養飲食 & 垃圾食物

Dear all,

It was great to see many groups have started working on their Food project. Try to find colorful pictures from flyers distributed by some superstores or grocery stores.

It was very easy and important to tell if those food are healthy or not. You all have learned in class about those five characteristics of so called “Junk Food”. In general, they either too sweet or too salty. Most deep fried food are unhealthy because they in general have high calorie and with low nutrition.

There are two samples I saw in class on Friday. They have completed searching for various of food and glued on the project paper already. The next step is to add language info. including CH. characters, Pinyin and EN meaning for each item.

There are three reminders that I hope all other groups should try not to making the same avoidable mistakes. That is covering the KEY WORD. Please don’t cover Junk Food and Nutritious Food in the middle of two boxes. It’s essentially important to show and to highlight these two key words to classify clearly two categories of food.

In addition, try to attach different kinds of food to enrich the content of your project. It won’t be accepted if you attach 3 chips with different flavors or 4 kinds of fruit. variety of food will be highly expected.

Also, if there is a choice, of course, the appropriate size better and clear pictures will be better and more welcome. I am looking forward to see you and your partner’s wonderful and impressive work soon.

Below are two nice projects with beautiful pictures from two groups. They both work very hard to follow instructions and meet requirements. Good Job : ) It will be much better if they can make some minor changes which I have mentioned and explained above. Thanks!

Hsu Laoshi



Gr.7 Cooking Project-Happy Chef:用愛心給父母做一餐飯

 Dear all,
     Please find the enclosed files that all students have them in black and white. Below is the design about those three good copies which should be filled out, and attached on the poster. Color pictures on the good copy and answer all questions as well. In addition, you need to have at least 6 photos (one for each section of the cooking procedure). As for the title, each of you will receive a title to attach the poster, next Monday.
Dear parents,
    Please spare some time for your beloved child to serve you and to cook a meal for you. All your precious time and company will be greatly appreciated. Wish you and your sweet son or daughter a great time. Please enjoy the meals he or she cook for you. Furthermore, please don’t forget to give “stars” and comments showing your happiness and praise to your child. Thank you!
 G7 Project form-Cook for parents
G7 Cooking Project Criteria
G7 常見的蔬菜 肉類海鮮圖
G7 做菜過程拍照1-6 Cooking Pictures
G7 2016 菜色範例Picture & Cousin sample & criteria
G7 26 道家常菜圖片 Chinese Cuisine


Gr.5 Kitchen Project-廚房用具 & 餐具

Dear all,
I am very happy to see there are some very responsible students in both Gr5 classes to follow instructions and project schedule to get their parts ready.
All students have the handouts, project notice, and teacher’s reminders to follow and to complete the project step by step. Here are two samples I saw in two different groups today. One has completed one third of items and labeled each of them and added the right Pinyin beside as well. The other group has completed one fourth. They finished the title and some pictures are ready. Both of them set inspiring examples for the class. Well Done & Keep Going :)
I would like to encourage every student to try your best. Please communicate and remind one another among 4 members in your group.
Look forward to seeing your learning outcome and your great presentation through the poster soon.
G5 Kitchen Project Notice




Hsu Laoshi