Congratulations to all Winners on Stamp counting day

Dear all,

The result of the Stamp Counting for the duration of Term-one has come out already.

There are two competitions included. Part One is about all stamps that the students have received for their “learning achievement” from various topics. Part Two is about all stamps got due to each student’s overall “class performance” which has marked on their Mandarin record card. They are generally six students rewarded in each class who have received a symbolized present as a prize. However, some classes have seven winners. It means that there are two students who received the same amount of stamps from the teachers.

I am very glad to announce the winners of each class. All the winners not only focus on the learning task in classes, but also work very hard to achieve high marks. Please join me and congratulating their remarkable achievement and excellent performances. In addition, I would like to support all winners to continuously maintain your good work attitude. In the meantime, the rest of students in each class are strongly encouraged to try your very best. Hsu Laoshi is looking forward to seeing other students’ progress.

Please find all the uploaded pictures for the celebration of their victory.  Since the content of this post will be password protected, you have to type the password before viewing all their exciting pictures. The Mandarin Chinese teacher will give the password to access the post in class tomorrow. Thanks for your attention!

6oimg-20161205-wa0002  6b

4limg-20161204-wa0014  4cimg-20161204-wa0023

7mimg-20161204-wa0015  7kmg-20161204-wa0029

5cimg-20161204-wa0005   4limg-20161204-wa0014

Hsu Laoshi


Online learning language tools

Dear students and parents,

Today I would like to share you a very helpful language tool which has been introduced and demonstrated in Mandarin class. You are highly expected to take a look and to have a try for one or two functions.

It is the “Yabla”. That is not only an online dictionary, it but also offers lots of interesting and engaging activities, language games to review vocabularies and to improve listening comprehension through watching authentic videos.

I have made a pdf for use instructions. Hopefully, it will help you to look up any information in Mandarin, to enjoy watching those short videos, and to help your child to work more efficient and independent when they need to do any Mandarin homework or projects at home.

All students are aware of being an honest and trusted child. Moreover, they have been educated regarding the importance to well take use of the technology and Internet as well. They are encouraged to use a computer as a learning tool for some time in order to complete any searching tasks. Thank you very much for parents’ support and understanding.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.



Hus Laoshi, Mandarin teacher

Topic Test Notice for Gr. 4 & 5

Dear all,

In this month of May, the students have studied a short Chinese poem related with mothers, they also make a mother’s card to praise their loving and caring mother.

After that, they have learned a Chinese famous story 孟母三遷. It’s about a great mom moving for three times in order to find a good learning environment for her son. There are two short videos of the story played and discussed in class, They have completed doing various practice. The worksheets also have been discussed together in class.

Please be noticed that the topic evaluation will be postponed to Next Tuesday, May 24 due to noon dismissal and an earthquake drill on Friday, May 20. Hence, there will be more time for students to review and to study for the test. Please find attached, the notice and format including a few sample questions.

images-Topic Test Notice & Format-a story

God bless,

Angela Hsu

Mandarin Test Notice for Gr. 6 & 7

Dear all,

In this month of May, the students have studied a short Chinese poem related with mothers, they also make a mother’s card to praise their loving and caring mother.

After that, they have learned a letter written by a mom. It’s about the words in mom’s heart. They have completed doing various practice and worksheets.

Please be noticed that the topic evaluation will be postponed to Next Tuesday, May 24 due to noon dismissal and an earthquake drill on Friday, May 20. Hence, there will be more time for students to review and to study for the test. Please find attached, the notice and format including a few sample questions.

images-Topic Test Notice & Format-a letter

God bless,

Angela Hsu

A Mandarin Test on Friday

images-中文考試通知 Mandarin Test Notice


Dear all,

All students were informed since last month in class when I told them about the learning plan and the time table about the big unit of Chinese New Year. There should be both an oral assessment and a written test before the end of the unit. They all had an oral assessment and they have marked through singing practices in class, the full rehearsal, and the CNY performance as well.

Next is the written test. It will be on Friday. All students has received the test notice yesterday after the long weekend. We have gone through it. Those example questions of each section have been practiced and discussed in class already. We are going to keep do some more practice tomorrow during Mandarin time. Please try your best to follow the teacher reminders to review and to get ready for the unit test. It will be greatly helpful if the family or the parents can help the students in some ways. Thanks for your support to your child.


Angela Hsu

Parent volunteers WANTED on Feb.1-3

Dear parents,

The Chinese New Year is on the corner and an entire school celebration is coming soon. There will be a Chinese New Year Thanksgiving Mass and big celebration including students’ amazing performances and a professional Lion Dance as well on Feb. 3. from 9am to 12pm.

There will be some preparation in advance and on Wednesday as well which are needed to help out.

Below are the parts you might be available to give a helping hand. Please also spread out the info. to any parents who are interested in joining the team work. ppp hours will be granted accordingly.

1) Monday morning, Feb.1 from 9 to 12pm: 3 or 4 parents for school decoration and gym set up, props assistance

2) Tuesday morning, Feb.2 from 9 to 12pm: 2 parents- for red envelops and candies preparation, props assistance(16 classes),

3) Wednesday morning, Feb. 3 from 9 to 12pm: 2 parents to be photographers those who have HD cell phone or good quality camera to help to take pictures during the Mass at our church, and celebration) ; other 2 parents those who can help take HD videos including the Lion dance and all performances from K to Gr. 7 and the finale (the entire school). Please bring your own familiar video, camera or cell phone. Thanks!

Please reply to me ASAP. Your continuous support and helping hands will be greatly appreciated! May God repay you abundantly. Please report to the Chinese Corner on 3F at 8:45am to meet me. Thanks!

Hsu Laoshi,

Mandarin department






Annual Chinese Calligraphy Week

Dear all,

In order to help students to know more about traditional culture, and to experience the practice of Chinese Calligraphy,

Intermediate Mandarin curriculum has designed and created the opportunity for one week long per school year. Please come and see how engaged they are in the class and how interested and concentrated they are to hold the brush and to well control hand’s movement. They followed the teacher’s instructions to keep their writing in good shape and in balance in order to show the beauty of Calligraphy.

You are all welcome to come to our bulletin boards on 3F to appreciate their art work. You should be very proud of their presentation and performance. Other than this, they also have completed the year project about the theme, Year of Monkey for the Chinese New Year. Students’ excellent projects have been posted along the stairways. Please find attached their amazing outcome.

We are going to prepare for an action song for the big celebration of Chinese New Year on Wednesday morning, Feb. 3. Look forward to seeing you there to join us the cultural event and to give our children the best support and encouragement.



Hsu Laoshi

20160119_090119      20160119_174309

20160119_173716 20160119_173801

20160119_173200 20160119_173251



Newsletter of Inte. Mandarin in January

imagesJanuary Newsletter, 2016

Dear all,

Please find attached, the Newsletter of Intermediate Mandarin for January

It shows the learning plan in this month before Chinese New Year in February. You are all invited and welcome to join us for the celebration on Wednesday morning, Feb. 3 .

Also, a friendly reminder to those parents who have signed to volunteer for various tasks of New Year event in January such as set up, school decoration, Calligraphy lesson assistance, please make sure to show on time to make all plans running smoothly. If you can make it, please find someone to take your part and inform the teacher in advance. Thanks for your cooperation.


Angela (Hsu Laoshi)

Term One Stamp Counting Day

Dear all,

These two days are big days for Intermediate Mandarin class. We have celebrated students’ hard work in each class for the past three months. And I would like to share their happiness with you.

Those remarkable winners are awarded small gifts from the teacher to cheer their excellent class performance and their achievement on learning Chinese. Please join me and congratulating each awesome student’s good job during the period of Term One. In the meantime, I would like encourage all my students to keep working hard for Term Two.

Good Luck :)

Hsu Laoshi

4C-I.   4C-II —4C

4L-I  4L-II—4L

5D-I   5D-II    5D  —5D

5J-I   5J-II—5J

6B-I   6B-II —6B

6L-II   6L-I— 6L

7K-I 7K-II—7K

7M-I   7M-II—7M





Basic Format for “Show and Tell” in Mandarin

index  Basic Format for Show and Tell

 Dear all,

Please find attached the basic format with the instructions in red. We have went through the format already in class.

In addition to the object you are going to show and tell in Mandarin later, there are 8 points you have to mention in your speech. And there are two options, either (a) or (b) to make a choice. This offers you a reference and a direction how you can prepare for it. If case you miss any information and any or you were absent for whatever reason, please add it to your worksheet.

After learning two examples for the rest of the week, than you are going to start make your speech for the oral assessment.


Hsu Laoshi




Schedule and checklist for skit of the moon poem

Schedule & checklist

Dear all,

Please find attached, the schedule and checklist for the skit of the moon poem.

You have to finish the checklist and get parents’ signature at the bottom, and then to bring it back next Tuesday for the group formal performance.

Also, all students are expected to wear their T-shirt under the school shirt on Tuesday morning to school. It will be more convenient to get changed before Mandarin class. Thanks for attention.

Hsu Laoshi


Gr.7 CH. song-愛我們的家 Love our home

Dear students,

We have learned some Mandarin songs already in order to prepare for the Grad dinner. Other than that, there will be an oral and vocal assessment next Thursday, June 4th. This will be a very important opportunity for you to show everybody the gift you are granted from God. Also, you can proof the achievement you have learned from Mandarin class at the last month of the school year. It means that you are highly expected to well prepare for the performance.

Here are two videos we have watched and practiced in class. Each group of 3 people have to discuss the costume you are going to present, and the action you are going to come with singing. I will give you some time to work together in class. I going to know the criteria soon. Go!

Class 2015 God Talent:)

Hsu Laoshi