Friendly Reminders regarding CH. New Year prep.

Dear all,
We have started to decorate our school from this week and next week as well since the Chinese New Year is almost here. Please respect all the decorations and students’ fantastic art works.
During Mandarin time, we have learned some Chinese songs. We are going to sing them at church for CNY Mass and at the school gym for the cultural celebration. Here are all songs for each grade. Please listen to it and practice at home. Hope you all can memorize it. I will upload the mp3 files and the song sheets for your reference.
Next class, we are going to practice singing them with little props (No sheets) and let you know your position on the risers which will be set in front of the gym stage.
As for 6 “students MCs” and 7 students who are in charge of the “prayers of faithful”, please follow instructions and practice in Mandarin as much as you can. Thank you for your efforts.
In addition, in order to help CCC members and Dance group have enough dance experience on stage, there will be additional practice after school next week. Monday has been scheduled for Dance group; and Tuesday has been scheduled for CCC.
PS. There will be other password required posts for CCC and Dance Group ONLY later! There will be pictures, videos and important information/reminders for each involved student. Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice weekend!
Hsu Laoshi

CCC members & Dance group meeting tomorrow morning

Dear all,

The big day is coming soon. Thank you for CCC members and Dance group’ hard work as well as parents’ support and cooperation.

Since CCC missed one meeting for practice due to the unexpected crazy snowfall. Also, dance group need the practice on the stage. Therefore, we all will stay at school from 9:00 -10:20am during Friday mass time. Please meet the teachers in JPII room when you hear announcement. You are going to try your beautiful costume and practice with props. I hope to see everyone there.

For next week, We will have additional practice after school 3:30-4:30 on Monday for Dance and Tuesday for CCC if there is no basketball games. Will let you know the plan tomorrow.

In addition, our parishs know that you will have fantastic performance, and so our pastor,Fr. Ly has invited us to present on Sunday, Jan. 26. It will be another priceless chance to enjoy the celebration with for the whole school/parish community. Once again, we need you and your parent’s great support to make it work.

Here is the letter to home. Each one in Dance group has received it already. CCC members will get it tomorrow when we meet.

CCC+Dance are invited to perform on Sunday Jan 26

Thank you so much for your continuous support!

Hsu laoshi

Gr.4-Gr.7 Recordings of their learning stories

Dear all,

Some students told me that they didn’t receive the audio files.

Here are the updated mp3 files that I have uploaded on Intermediate Mandarin website.

Please check and see if you can listen to the recordings. Hope this time works.

1.Gr. 4-The New-born King

2. Gr.5-The Savior’s Birth

3. Gr.6- Meaningful Christmas

4. Gr.7 Keep Christ in Christmas

Mandarin Bulletins Updated

Dear all,

Each grade is learning a story related to Christmas. Every student has received a story booklet.

Gr.4- The story of the New-born King

Gr.5- The story of the Savior’s Birth

Gr.6- Celebrate a more meaningful Christmas

Gr.7- Keep Christ in Christmas

The student has created a cover page for their own booklet about the story with labels of Chinese words or phrases learned in this story. Below are two pictures demonstrating students’ creative and artistic talents. You are welcome to come for a visit. Thank you!

PS. Whoever has not handed it in yet today, please try your best to finish tonight and bring your cover page to my office tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to seeing you.



Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hsu Laoshi


Measure Word量詞 Porject reminder

Dear all,

The following message is for Gr.4 to Gr.7 students and the parents.

1. They have learned three categories of various Measure Word for the past couple weeks. This week they are going to focus on a individual project to demonstrate their understanding and application.

2. Each of them has to complete HW. on time. They have to accomplish the worksheet for this topic, to show the teacher, and then to decide which two categories they have to work on their project. (two out of three categories due to the limit of the space), and to receive their good copy for the project afterwards.

3. Most classes have received the worksheet today in class except 7B, 4S and 4L. They are going to get it tomorrow.

4. They need to find related pictures from any flyers, magazines which are not needed any more. Or they could search for online images, and print them out. Colorful pictures will be prefer (Any black and white will be accepted once they are colored by pencil crayons) . Also, I have showed the students in class the way how to search the images and shrink them proper size in order to match the space on good copy.

5. Please be aware that the students will need to use computer after class/at home to complete their task. (the students have been reminded to take use of the technology for the need of the project only.)

6. I am going to post the “title” and “sample” in the following posts for your reference to show everyone what the the project will look like. The students will receive the hard copy of the title and sample next time in Mandarin class. Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,

Hsu Laoshi




Two Chinese Songs for Grad Dinner

Dear all,

I can’t believe that it has been the last month of the school year. And the Gr.7 students are going to graduate after a couple of weeks.

These will be the two Chinese songs they are going to sing at the Grad dinner which have learned and practiced together during Mandarin time. I am looking forward to enjoying your fantastic performances on the stage.

1. 愛我們的家-Love our Home

2. 幸福的臉-Happy Face

Please listen to the music, follow the melody and practice singing two songs as much as you can. There will be a singing assessment next week. Each group will be 4 people (2 girls and 2 boys).

love-house-drawing_csp1343324               smile-clipart-happy-child-19


Hsu Laoshi



What is China-2 ( Topic project)

Dear all,
You all have made a plan with your partner about the topic after discussing and deciding for the project of China. The project will be due on next Monday. This time you are allowed to choose your partner. 2 people work together as a group. Some groups have shown me the facts, introduction and pictures and got my advice and critique about what they have researched for the topic since yesterday and today. Well done! Here are some reminders.
-Be responsible to get done the part you are in charge by the due date.(Share equal duty and workload based on your discussion)
-Choose the font #18 if you want to type the text.
-Printed out pictures in appropriate size to meet the space and plan you did. Colorful pictures are preferred (public libraries offer the service of colorful printing if necessary)
-All labels of images should be in Chinese and Pinyin.
-The title of the topic should be in Chinese and English.
-Oral presentations will take turns on next week.
I am looking forward to seeing your learning and working outcome.
Hsu Laoshi






Gr.4-7 Chinese songs for singing performances

Dear all,

I believe that each family has received the pink invitation letter that your child/ren had brought home. Here are the 4 songs that each grade is going to sing for the Chinese New Year celebration on Feb. 5.

Please mark your calendar and join us on that day, Tuesday Feb.5  for the joyful event.

Below are the song that each grade is going to present as well as the Gongxi song for the Finale at the end of the event. Each student is highly expected to memorize and perform along with some simple action. Please listen to the music and practice as much as you can. Thank you!

Hsu Laoshi





Finale-Gongxi song

中文課 Mandarin Class has started

Dear all,

It was very nice to see you again. Welcome you to join us to learn more Chinese language and culture in this school year.

Hsu Laoshi, Mandarin Chinese teacher





很高兴再见到大家。 欢迎你加入心血年的学习行列,一起来学更多有关中国的语言和文化。

许老师 (中文老师 )








Mandarin song-Angel’s heart

Dear Gr.7s,

As you have learned the song “天使心” in class for your performance at the Grad dinner, you all highly expected to practice as much as possible. Each one of you have to memorize the song since NO one is allowed to bring any cue-cards or notes to the stage at that night.

I have asked a professional to help transposed the music into B-flat. It means that the music now is lower than the original. Hopefully every students could be able to sing. I am looking forward to hearing your beautiful singing performance.

Today, 7Ks have started to do the “recite” assessment, and all groups have already completed. 7Ms will do it tomorrow. Please remember to click the ppt file attached in the previous post. There are clear instructions in the ppt. In addition, the updated music has been posted, too.


Hsu Laoshi


Mandarin conversation over a phone call

Dear all,

In the topic learning in May, in addition to completing a Chinese Mother’s day card, regarding the oral enforcement, after practicing in class, each student is required to practice the sentences and to demo the improvement they have learned through a conversation over a phone call to their moms.


The secret project “Calling to mom” has started today in some classes. The students used the teacher’s cell phone to call out and to talk to their mom in Mandarin. Those who has not any Chinese heritage background are allowed to speak some introduction in English before the conversation. There are a lot of beautiful and touching moments with surprise that the class and I had witnessed, and those means so much for the students. On one hand, they felt proud of themselves to speak in Mandarin over the phone; on the other hand, this class activity demonstrates not only they understand the content of the conversation, but they also comprehend the response from the other end. Please give the students a thumb up because they did a nice job. They all achieved in a great success. However, some students will try again since the line couldn’t go through; enter the voice message instead.


Tomorrow, the class activity is going to continue. Please moms answer the call from the number: 778 985 7750 (my cell phone #). Your sweet heart is looking forward to saying something to you : ) Please feel free to response and to even ask any questions if you like. Thanks for your great support! 


Hsu Laoshi

Mandarin Learning Plan in December

Dear all,

As the coming of December, everyone is looking forward to welcoming the new born Jesus and the greatest guest in our life. In Mandarin class, we have already started a new topic for this month. Below is the monthly learning plan.

  1. The students are going to learn the story about the Savior’s birth and the story of the new born King. Every student has received a 8-page picture book. They are going to draw and make a cover page for their picture book.

1254844-bigthumbnail    Gifts for the Newborn King72

2. They are going to watch related some Chinese and English videos

about the story of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and three Wise men.

3. Every four students will work together as a group to practice, recite

and retell the story.

4.In addition,there will be a paper art work related with Christmas

brought into the class. The students are going to receive origami

paper and make a creative Christmas tree as well as to fold Santa

Claus. Hope that they will enjoy it while preparing for the coming of



Hsu Laoshi

Show & Tell Project-Homework Reminders

Dear all,

I believe that you have been informed that No School on Wednesday, Nov. 22 due to water cutting off at SFX. This is a decision without a notice ahead of time. Also, two thirds of Gr.7 students were absent today due to the Mini School exam. They subsequently missed a class. I therefore would like to give all students some friendly and important reminders about the homework and expectations of the project of Show & Tell.

Based on the learning schedule on page 2, all students are working on the draft of the project after completing the plan sheet in details and after looking up some Chinese terms and phrases. All students are expected to first finish his/her project draft including three parts before receiving the good copy in yellow color. They are 1. to draw and color the object, 2. to take a half body colorful shot with the object, 3. to follow the format (1-8) to introduce your object in Chinese. You can take the practice sheet and teacher’s sample sheet as your reference. In addition, you are encouraged to search and look up some words through online dictionaries.

Other than google translate, I have introduced another free and helpful learning resource. It will be easy to find it once you type “ yabla. com” on the website address. I have mentioned regarding supporting students’ learning need on a parent’s hard-copy notice as well as in the previous email. The students have to be trained and to learn how to be more independent little by little. I had emphasized in class the importance of being honest and building mutual trust through taking well use of the time and the online learning resources. Students will feel proud when they learn Chinese words, pinyin and writing strokes through this procedure and their effort.

All students are expected to continuously working on the project. Most of the students have showed me their drawings and colorful pictures. Please find attached samples. They have followed instructions and done a good job. Some students even have received the good copy after teacher’s checking their 1-8 sentences. Please make sure to meet the criteria and expectations which are listed on the scheduled pg. 2. The content of an introduction of your object will be the main part of the oral speech next week when you do your presentation.

Please note that it’s necessary and important to add pinyin and meaning of any new words to your draft sheet. You will have to practice and prepare for the oral speech later. However, on the good copy, you have to write the neat and tidy CH. character ONLY.

All students have to at least show me your ready draft paper on Thursday. Whoever has received the good copy, are also welcome to show your good job in the next class on Thursday. You will have some time to finalize and to make some improvement before submission during the Mandarin time. The project will be due on Friday, Nov 24. Next week, we are going to focus on the oral presentation. Please see the detail on schedule pg. 3. Thanks for your attention and great effort!

Finally, please get your schedule and HW checklist signed by your parents at the bottom of Pg.1. Below are the file sheets.

Show and Tell Schedule & checklist-Pg.1-3

20171121_190148   20171121_185643

20171121_190205   20171121_185531

20171121_185840   20171121_185414 20171121_185131

Monthly plan in November

Dear all,

We have started learning another new topic in November. It is “Show & Tell in Mandarin”. The big idea is to integrate some Chinese words we have learned so far and to demonstrate the progress of your oral ability in Mandarin.

All students have received the first page of their learning Schedule & HW. Checklist regarding this topic. You are expected to follow instructions and the learning plan in order to step by step complete your speech of Show & Tell and to get ready for an oral presentation. Below is the learning plan for this month.

1. understand the Basic Format

2. be aware of main Structure (a or b) and practice the title of “新水瓶my new water bottle”, “新球鞋my new runner or 新皮鞋my new black shoes”.

3. study a sample as a reference which maybe related to your life experience.

-Gr. 4:我的新手機 My new cell phone

-Gr.5:我的新墨鏡 My new sunglasses

-Gr.6:我的新背包 My new backpack

-Gr.7:我的新衣服 My new clothing

4. follow the format and start working on a draft of your plan for your show & Tell.

5. prepare for the content of your speech (from 1 to 8 + a greeting in the beginning and conclusion at the end)

6. a mini project (one-page draft paper first before receiving a good copy).

7. rehearsal with group members and formal presentation in front of the class

8. fill in message you hear and complete the information sheets while listening to other students’ presentations.


Dear parents/guardians,

It will be very helpful to keep track of your child’s learning for this topic and check if he/she follows the schedule and gets his/her work done on time. As you have known, reading practice is also initially important to improve their pronunciation and oral skill for learning Mandarin. Subsequently, I need your cooperation and support being your child’s audience when sometimes he/she needs to practice at home as their oral homework.

In addition, while preparing for the content of their oral presentation, they might need to use a computer and look up some words or phrases through online dictionaries. Thanks for your attention and continuous support.

God bless,

Hsu Laoshi

Monthly Plan for October

Dear all,

Thank you so much for all your great support to the Round Party last week. It was the first party for most of the classes, and it was very joyful and exciting cultural celebration during Mandarin time. There will be some fantastic pictures posted on the Mandarin bulletins.

As you might also have celebrated the Moon Festival, in October, we are going to learn more about the tradition and customs mainly through-

  1. description of various celebrating activities.

  2. interactive class activities such as group discussion, partners

    interview, and presentation.

  3. a mini project of the topic

  4. stories/legends about the moon (with audio and video assistance); main characters in those stories.

            Gr. 4- CH. great archer, 后羿射日

            Gr. 5- the Moon Lady, 嫦娥奔月

            Gr. 6- Jade Rabbit, 玉兔搗藥

            Gr. 7- Origin of moon cakes, 月餅由來

       5. poems regarding the moon

           Gr. 4- Quiet night thoughts靜夜思

           Gr. 5- Drink alone under the moon月下獨酌

           Gr. 6- Think of you as enjoy the moon望月懷遠

           Gr. 7- Hope you are there截選水調歌頭(短式)

       6. assessment-unit written test

Round Party tomorrow, Tuesday

Dear all,

In order to celebrate the Chinese traditional festival, Mid Autumn Festival or Moon Festival, there will be a Round Party in each class during Mandarin time. Please bring some round treats, food or fruit to share with others.

We are going to have some class activity and watch related videos during the party.

Here is the party notice. 2017 Round Party-Letter to Parents中秋節

Dear Parents,

After school please ask your child something about the tradition of family reunion and discuss with him/her about the videos they have watched during the Mandarin class.Thank you!

Hsu Laoshi



Welcome new families subscribing Mandarin website

Good morning! SFX parents and students,
Thank you for your care and support to child/children’s learning Mandarin Chinese.
This is just a brief greeting to those new families via the new post and make sure that you have successfully subscribed the intermediate Mandarin website. From now on, once I have any new posts, you will received it through the school auto contact system.
Wish you all the best and have a great day!
Hsu Laoshi



The school reopens. Welcome back:)

Dear all,



It was very nice to see you all. Some of you have grown taller. What ‘s your goal for the new school year?


The Mandarin Program is going to bring you more interesting topics which will help you know more about Chinese language and culture as well.


許老師 Hsu Laoshi