Show & Tell Project-Homework Reminders

Dear all,

I believe that you have been informed that No School on Wednesday, Nov. 22 due to water cutting off at SFX. This is a decision without a notice ahead of time. Also, two thirds of Gr.7 students were absent today due to the Mini School exam. They subsequently missed a class. I therefore would like to give all students some friendly and important reminders about the homework and expectations of the project of Show & Tell.

Based on the learning schedule on page 2, all students are working on the draft of the project after completing the plan sheet in details and after looking up some Chinese terms and phrases. All students are expected to first finish his/her project draft including three parts before receiving the good copy in yellow color. They are 1. to draw and color the object, 2. to take a half body colorful shot with the object, 3. to follow the format (1-8) to introduce your object in Chinese. You can take the practice sheet and teacher’s sample sheet as your reference. In addition, you are encouraged to search and look up some words through online dictionaries.

Other than google translate, I have introduced another free and helpful learning resource. It will be easy to find it once you type “ yabla. com” on the website address. I have mentioned regarding supporting students’ learning need on a parent’s hard-copy notice as well as in the previous email. The students have to be trained and to learn how to be more independent little by little. I had emphasized in class the importance of being honest and building mutual trust through taking well use of the time and the online learning resources. Students will feel proud when they learn Chinese words, pinyin and writing strokes through this procedure and their effort.

All students are expected to continuously working on the project. Most of the students have showed me their drawings and colorful pictures. Please find attached samples. They have followed instructions and done a good job. Some students even have received the good copy after teacher’s checking their 1-8 sentences. Please make sure to meet the criteria and expectations which are listed on the scheduled pg. 2. The content of an introduction of your object will be the main part of the oral speech next week when you do your presentation.

Please note that it’s necessary and important to add pinyin and meaning of any new words to your draft sheet. You will have to practice and prepare for the oral speech later. However, on the good copy, you have to write the neat and tidy CH. character ONLY.

All students have to at least show me your ready draft paper on Thursday. Whoever has received the good copy, are also welcome to show your good job in the next class on Thursday. You will have some time to finalize and to make some improvement before submission during the Mandarin time. The project will be due on Friday, Nov 24. Next week, we are going to focus on the oral presentation. Please see the detail on schedule pg. 3. Thanks for your attention and great effort!

Finally, please get your schedule and HW checklist signed by your parents at the bottom of Pg.1. Below are the file sheets.

Show and Tell Schedule & checklist-Pg.1-3

20171121_190148   20171121_185643

20171121_190205   20171121_185531

20171121_185840   20171121_185414 20171121_185131

Listen to the sample recording of Show & Tell for Gr.4-7

Dear all,

I hope that you all have some family time and already enjoy your long weekend.

For the teachers’ Pro-D day on Tuesday, you can review the handout of the sample and listen to the recording again. After that, you can work on the worksheet of meaning comprehension. With the EN. notes of keywords, you can show me your understanding of the message about the teacher’s sample of Show & Tell.

Gr.4 新手機-

Gr.5 新墨鏡-

Gr.6 新背包-

Gr.7 新衣服-

Blessings in Christ,

Hsu Laoshi

Grade 7 moon story-Origin of moon cake 中秋月餅

Dear all,

Please listen to the attached recording about the origin of Moon cakes, and the story regarding moon cakes in the Chinese history.

Please listen to the first recording about the origin of the round cakes and then practice reading the story as your oral homework tonight. The second historical story and the second recording will be assigned as the other HW for the following day.

G7 月餅由來&歷史

Hsu Laoshi

Grade 6 moon story- Jade rabbit 玉兔搗藥

Dear all,

Please listen to the attached recording about the story of Jade rabbit (the moon bunny) who not only is the Moon lady’s companion, but also helps make magic potion.

There are two different legends about the rabbit. Please listen to the recording of the first story and then practice reading the story as your oral homework tonight. The second story and the second recording will be assigned as the other HW for tomorrow.

G6 故事內容-玉兔搗藥

Hsu Laoshi

Gr7-Two Chinese songs for Grad Dinner

Dear all,
Please listen to the music and practice singing as much as possible.
7M- 我的未來不是夢 My Future is not a dream
7K- 有一天 One day
All of you are supposed to memorize the lyrics and then you can sing and enjoy with other classmates. There will be a rehearsal tomorrow on Thursday.
We have practiced a bit in class and also arranged the position that you are going to line up. There will be two rows. Girls will be in the front, and boys are standing on the wooden benches at the back row. Please ask your classmates about your position if you helped the race event at the gym today.
Hsu Laoshi


Gr.5 Kitchen Project-廚房用具 & 餐具

Dear all,
I am very happy to see there are some very responsible students in both Gr5 classes to follow instructions and project schedule to get their parts ready.
All students have the handouts, project notice, and teacher’s reminders to follow and to complete the project step by step. Here are two samples I saw in two different groups today. One has completed one third of items and labeled each of them and added the right Pinyin beside as well. The other group has completed one fourth. They finished the title and some pictures are ready. Both of them set inspiring examples for the class. Well Done & Keep Going :)
I would like to encourage every student to try your best. Please communicate and remind one another among 4 members in your group.
Look forward to seeing your learning outcome and your great presentation through the poster soon.
G5 Kitchen Project Notice




Hsu Laoshi

Mandarin Project for Gr. 4-7

Dear all,

After learning the topic of Mother’s Day, students in different grades are now learning different topics for Term Three, and so there are different projects working currently in each grade. They all have received certain handouts,instructions, and done some worksheets as various practice. I will post important info. and details separately for each grade in different new posts later. Below are just the plans and big ideas.

Gr.4′s Topic: Sickness. Students are learning a text about the topic and all symptoms while not feeling well.

Gr.4′s Project: a relevant skit- 我不太舒服 (4 people per group: a sick child, parent, doctor, and a nurse)

Gr.5′s Topic: Kitchen. Students are leaning how to say those items they see in their kitchen and various daily used dinning utensils in Mandarin Chinese

Gr.5‘s Project: Kitchenware & Dinning utensil-廚房用具& 餐具 (4 people per group making a relevant poster with some colorful pictures of items about the topic and labling CH. keywords they are learning)

Gr.6′s Topic: Food. Students are learning to tell Junk food from nutritious meals as well as to recognize key words of common veggie, meat and seafood.

Gr.6′s Project: Nutritious Meals vs. Junk Food-營養膳食 對比 垃圾食物 (2 people per group making a relevant poster with colorful pictures got from any newspaper, any store flyers or online resources

Gr.7′s Topic: Common Cuisin Menu. Students are learning and reviewing main ingredients like veggie, meat and seafood as well as common dishes on Chinese menu.

Gr.7′s Project: Cooking a meal with love用愛心為父母做一餐 for parents (Each of the students has planned to cook a lovely meals for parents over this coming weekend and to show their gratitude for parent’s hard work and great support in the past few years;  must under parent’s supervision and/or some help if needed); record the shopping and cooking procedure through taking pictures.

Dear parents,

Your child needs your trust, and constant encouragement to help them achieve their learning objectives. Your kind reminders and company means a lot for him/her. Thank you so much for all your great support on student’s learning journey!

Love in Christ,

Hsu Laoshi

Practice Singing Chinese Poems

Dear students,

We are learning Chinese famous poems written by one of the greatest poets, Li bai in Chinese history.

They are very short, only 4 sentences and 5 characters for each sentence.

You are highly expected to memorize the poems through singing and understanding the meaning of the poems.

靜夜思-Quiet Night Thoughts for Gr. 4 & 5

%e9%9d%9c%e5%a4%9c%e6%80%9d-%e5%9c%96%e7%89%87%e5%8a%a0%e6%8b%bc%e9%9f%b3       gu13

月下獨酌- Drink Alone with the Moon for Gr. 6 & 7

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Hsu Laoshi

Two songs for Chinese New Year Mass

Dear students,

Please play the music files and listen to the singing as much as you can.

The first song is “天主經-Our Father”, and the second song is “全心感謝-Thanks With All Our Heart” sung for the Entrance Hymn. We are going to sing them at the school Mass as special thanksgiving of Chinese New Year in the morning, Feb. 3.

The more you listen and practice, the better you can sing more confidently and beautifully. All your hard work will praise and glorify our God Father. HE will be very very pleased to hear your singing.


Hsu Laoshi





Gr.6-7 Project Format for Nine Style Boxes, 九宮格

Dear all,

Since many of you have practiced to find related examples or solid items for your homework.

For this project, please try your best to apply the “umbrella shape” to the theme you had picked today in class.

I hope to see you to integrate the knowledge you have and the result after searching some other information through the Internet. Below is the “Format” which has been showed in class. Please review the notes for your reference. It will be always better to write down all words on your draft paper before working the formal card.

I am looking forward to seeing your remarkable projects.

Hsu Laoshi


The Project Format-九宮格

Basic Format for “Show and Tell” in Mandarin

index  Basic Format for Show and Tell

 Dear all,

Please find attached the basic format with the instructions in red. We have went through the format already in class.

In addition to the object you are going to show and tell in Mandarin later, there are 8 points you have to mention in your speech. And there are two options, either (a) or (b) to make a choice. This offers you a reference and a direction how you can prepare for it. If case you miss any information and any or you were absent for whatever reason, please add it to your worksheet.

After learning two examples for the rest of the week, than you are going to start make your speech for the oral assessment.


Hsu Laoshi




Schedule and checklist for skit of the moon poem

Schedule & checklist

Dear all,

Please find attached, the schedule and checklist for the skit of the moon poem.

You have to finish the checklist and get parents’ signature at the bottom, and then to bring it back next Tuesday for the group formal performance.

Also, all students are expected to wear their T-shirt under the school shirt on Tuesday morning to school. It will be more convenient to get changed before Mandarin class. Thanks for attention.

Hsu Laoshi


Gr.7 CH. song-愛我們的家 Love our home

Dear students,

We have learned some Mandarin songs already in order to prepare for the Grad dinner. Other than that, there will be an oral and vocal assessment next Thursday, June 4th. This will be a very important opportunity for you to show everybody the gift you are granted from God. Also, you can proof the achievement you have learned from Mandarin class at the last month of the school year. It means that you are highly expected to well prepare for the performance.

Here are two videos we have watched and practiced in class. Each group of 3 people have to discuss the costume you are going to present, and the action you are going to come with singing. I will give you some time to work together in class. I going to know the criteria soon. Go!

Class 2015 God Talent:)

Hsu Laoshi

CH. song-只要我長大 As long as I grow up

Dear students,

Please listen to the music and practice singing the song- 只要我長大 zhǐ yào wǒ zhǎng dà.

There will be an oral and vocal assessment next Thursday, June 4. This will be a very important assessment especially at the last month of the school year. You are all highly expected to show your talent and your progress on learning Mandarin through reciting the song and singing the song with your group members. Most of you have memorize the lyrics of the first paragraph. Awesome:) This is what you are going to present.

Each group of three people have to start thinking of the costume and the props you are going to bring for the performance. I will give you some time to discuss in details and practice together in class. I am going to give you the criteria soon.

In God’s love,

Hsu Laoshi


Gr.6-L4 賣火柴的小女孩 the match girl

Dear students,

We have finished learning Lesson four in the textbook, and the content is related with this fairy tale, the match girl, 【Mài huǒ chái de xiǎo nǚ hái】 who is selling matches on the snowy day of the New Year Eve. You have watched the video in class and tried to answer those questions as much as possible you could.

Please re-watch the video, and then you can answer the bonus questions. You have to especially focus on the interaction between the poor girl and her grandma. After that, you can write down any three sentences that the girl said to her grandma.

Have a blessing Lord Day!

Hsu Laoshi

Gr.5 Kitchen Project

Dear  students,

Please find attached the image with the outline as your reference to measure the width and length for your pictures and  for the Chinese + Pinyin subtitle. The poster you have received is the size 45cm x 60cm.

The title line needs include both in Chinese:廚房設備 和用品 and in English: Kitchen Items.

You are all expected to follow instructions on the handouts you have received to complete this project on time. I will give you enough time to work in our Mandarin classes, but you need to get ready for your pictures including #1 – #4 as well as possible. You are going to keep working on it tomorrow.

We have learned 44 items listed on your handout. If there is one or two items in each categories #1-#4 you don’t have them at home, I, as a teacher, can understand and accept that you might have only have 35 or 40 items showed on your poster. In addition, please note the criteria and the request for, too.

Hsu Laoshi

poster outline image