Happy Moon Festival: )

Dear all,

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Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Moon Festival or Reunion Festival. Since it’s always on August 15th based on the lunar calendar. Therefore, it’s also well known as August Festival. Wish you all a good time with families and friends.



敬祝大家 佳節快樂!

Hsu Laoshi 許老師


A famous song of the moon-月亮代表我的心

Dear all,

This is one of my favorite CH. songs-The moon represents my heart : )I like Ms. Teng,鄧麗君 and her many beautiful voice very much. Hope you will also enjoy it.

Wish you all a very warm and happy Moon Festival!

祝大家 中秋節快樂!

Hsu Laoshi

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Tell you the Story of TREE 漢字故事- 木

Dear students,

I believe that you will find leaning Chinese is very interesting. There is always some smart and effective way to learn and memorize Chinese characters.

The story is about the very simple character “Tree, “. Let me tell you her two siblings, her three relatives, and her three friends through the video. In addition, it will be wonderful if you can look up the pronunciation and the meaning of those characters. (Lots of STARS are waiting for you.)

Please try to find who are her siblings, relatives, and friends in this video? I am looking forward to listening to your answers. Please remember to turn on the speaker in your laptop or computer : )

Have a nice weekend!

Hsu Laoshi