Topic Test Notice for Gr. 4 & 5

Dear all,

In this month of May, the students have studied a short Chinese poem related with mothers, they also make a mother’s card to praise their loving and caring mother.

After that, they have learned a Chinese famous story 孟母三遷. It’s about a great mom moving for three times in order to find a good learning environment for her son. There are two short videos of the story played and discussed in class, They have completed doing various practice. The worksheets also have been discussed together in class.

Please be noticed that the topic evaluation will be postponed to Next Tuesday, May 24 due to noon dismissal and an earthquake drill on Friday, May 20. Hence, there will be more time for students to review and to study for the test. Please find attached, the notice and format including a few sample questions.

images-Topic Test Notice & Format-a story

God bless,

Angela Hsu

Mandarin Test Notice for Gr. 6 & 7

Dear all,

In this month of May, the students have studied a short Chinese poem related with mothers, they also make a mother’s card to praise their loving and caring mother.

After that, they have learned a letter written by a mom. It’s about the words in mom’s heart. They have completed doing various practice and worksheets.

Please be noticed that the topic evaluation will be postponed to Next Tuesday, May 24 due to noon dismissal and an earthquake drill on Friday, May 20. Hence, there will be more time for students to review and to study for the test. Please find attached, the notice and format including a few sample questions.

images-Topic Test Notice & Format-a letter

God bless,

Angela Hsu

Parent volunteers WANTED on Feb.1-3

Dear parents,

The Chinese New Year is on the corner and an entire school celebration is coming soon. There will be a Chinese New Year Thanksgiving Mass and big celebration including students’ amazing performances and a professional Lion Dance as well on Feb. 3. from 9am to 12pm.

There will be some preparation in advance and on Wednesday as well which are needed to help out.

Below are the parts you might be available to give a helping hand. Please also spread out the info. to any parents who are interested in joining the team work. ppp hours will be granted accordingly.

1) Monday morning, Feb.1 from 9 to 12pm: 3 or 4 parents for school decoration and gym set up, props assistance

2) Tuesday morning, Feb.2 from 9 to 12pm: 2 parents- for red envelops and candies preparation, props assistance(16 classes),

3) Wednesday morning, Feb. 3 from 9 to 12pm: 2 parents to be photographers those who have HD cell phone or good quality camera to help to take pictures during the Mass at our church, and celebration) ; other 2 parents those who can help take HD videos including the Lion dance and all performances from K to Gr. 7 and the finale (the entire school). Please bring your own familiar video, camera or cell phone. Thanks!

Please reply to me ASAP. Your continuous support and helping hands will be greatly appreciated! May God repay you abundantly. Please report to the Chinese Corner on 3F at 8:45am to meet me. Thanks!

Hsu Laoshi,

Mandarin department






Mandarin Test Notice

Pencil__Eraser_1 Mandarin test notice-Recall the passing year

Dear all,

All students have known since last week there will be a test on Friday, Dec. 11 for this unit. They all had received the test notice on Monday. We had went through the notice especially the format that students always concern the most. I even demonstrated some sample questions and discussed the answers together in class for each test format .

This will be the first important test for Term Two. I believe they can do well if they took notes in class and complete their various practice on time based on the learning pass. Hopefully parents can remind them to review and get ready for it.


Hsu Laoshi

Gr.6-7 Project Format for Nine Style Boxes, 九宮格

Dear all,

Since many of you have practiced to find related examples or solid items for your homework.

For this project, please try your best to apply the “umbrella shape” to the theme you had picked today in class.

I hope to see you to integrate the knowledge you have and the result after searching some other information through the Internet. Below is the “Format” which has been showed in class. Please review the notes for your reference. It will be always better to write down all words on your draft paper before working the formal card.

I am looking forward to seeing your remarkable projects.

Hsu Laoshi


The Project Format-九宮格

Feb. 14 -Parent Orientation Handouts and Pictures

Dear all parents,

Thank you very much for signing up as the parent volunteers for the meaningful cultural activity. I appreciate you came to school for the orientation this afternoon from 2-4pm. Please find attached the handouts which have showed them to you during the orientation regarding the instructions you are going to follow and the images to guide you what three types of dumplings the students are going to make. Below are two attachments.

Schedule for parents-the CNY event

Handouts with steps and pics for making dumpling

In addition, another attachment is about the schedule in detail and various tasks you are going to help and achieve on next Tuesday afternoon. You are expected to review at home before Tuesday. Also it will great if you can print out with colors, that will be even clearer. If not, it will be no problem. you are going to receive the copies in black and white together with all materials at Chinese Corner next Tuesday at 12:30pm. Please be ON TIME! Thanks for your attention.

Note: after setting up ready in the classroom, please meet Mandarin teachers or two TAs, Ms. Xie and Ms. Lam for other helps from 1-2pm. WE really help some hands. Please look the handout and let us know if you can help taking pictures, videos or help out around the stages, etc. Please email me at: and please come to me when you arrive at Chinese corner for registration. Great appreciated!

With all your kind help and clear instructions, I believe that our children will have a good time enjoying the whole event.

ps. just to confirm some parents’ doubts. Yes, you’re right. you don’t have to buy any meat or ingredients on Monday and to make the real filling. All students will receive play-doh instead.

Note: all parents signed up as a parent volunteer must attend on Tuesday and help for the whole celebration in the afternoon. This is the purpose to host the orientation this afternoon and to help you to get ready to instruct kids making dumplings.

Finally, here are some pictures taken during the orientation. You did a great job:)


Gr.1 parents

Gr.3 parents

Gr.4 parents

Gr.5 parents

Gr.6 parents

Gr.7 parents

Gr.K parents






Angela, Hsu Laoshi




Gr.4-7 Qiǎo hǔ Chinese learning videos #1-3 巧虎學漢字/学汉字

Dear students,

The well-known character of cartoons named Qiao-hu 巧虎,Qiǎo hǔ, is learning Mandarin Chinese, too.

Let’s learn with Qiao-hu through watching these fun and interesting videos of the stories of CH. characters.

I am going to upload three short videos (#1-3) for the first time . Each of them lasts only around 2 or 3 minutes, However, they will be very impressive and helpful for you to learn and memorize these very basic and important characters. You are going to see those characters quite often in our textbook and learning materials. Some or Most of them you have learned in #1-3

in the first video- #1, there will be six Chinese characters introduced. Please take notes on a piece of cue card or a line paper and practice writing twice. Also, you are supposed to bring them back to school on Friday.

in the second video- #2, you are going to learn nine characters. However, 3 of them already have been mentioned in video #1. It means that some words will be repeated in the following videos in order to meet the need of fun stories created in different videos. Please write them down on the cue card as well.

In the third video- #3, there will other five CH. characters will be introduced. Do you know what are they?

We are going to discuss them in class on Friday. Hopefully you will enjoy watching them on Thursday, the teacher parents interview day and some other weekends when you are available.

Hsu Laoshi


word_document_logo Qiaohu learning Chinese Video #1-3


Update “Adobe Flash Player” to watch video

Dear students and parents,

Some students said to me that they can only hear the music, but not the video I uploaded on the Mandarin website. Some even said when they click the video, there is NO response.

Please try to see if you have the software of “Adobe Flash Player” in your computer. Mostly the problem is because it’s time to update. Below is the link to the Adobe official website to get the free download. I hope this will help.

website of link

All the best,

Hsu Laoshi


Gr. 6-7 More Practice on Quizlet of Basic Vaca. Part II (NO Pinyin)

Dear students,

Below is another version of practice I have set. It’s Basic vocabulary Part II on Quizlet, but there is NO Pinyin showed. Please try to read each Chinese characters. It means now there are two sets. You can do more exercise at home. Here is website address.

website of link

ps. Please let me know if this is easier or harder for you. There is funny reading in previous set because the computer can’t decode tone marks of Pinyin. However, it will be helpful for some students in the beginning with Pinyin beside or under the Chinese characters.

Anyway, you are highly expected to do exercise as many as possible. Practice makes Perfect : )

Hsu Laoshi

Gr. 6-7 click the link to review Basic Vocabulary-part II

Dear Gr.6s & Gr. 7s,

Please make sure to visit the set on Quizlet and to try your best to review flashcards and do all exercises at home. I hope they will help you to study and review all the important terms and  to get ready for the Chinese test of the topic which includes part I & II. Below is the link of the website for part II.

website of link

Hsu Laoshi

Gr.4-7 Click the link of “Quizlet” to review Basic Vacobulary-part I

Dear students,

I have created the set of Basic Vocabularies-part I on the website of Quizlet and now I share it to you. You have to review those flashcards first. Next, you can do some practice called learn of choosing the right characters or type the right Pinyin. Also, you have to try to listen to terms and comprehend the meaning in speller. There is a matching game called scatter. You need to moving the pictures to the CH. words or Pinyin. Besides, There is another helpful option called test. You can do it as a pretest before the scheduled test day. There will be “learning record” showed beside while practicing.You are all highly expected and supposed to go to the link to practice as much as you can.

Please don’t forget to turn on the speaker and to listen to their pronunciation. The purpose of all the exercises is to help you to study and review all the key words and terms at home in order to get ready for the Chinese test in a few days.

I have made a demo in each class. Please come and let me know if you have any problems to do those exercise. Below is the link. You can make a copy and paste it onto the place of website address

website of link

Hsu Laoshi