Saint Research


(Class 4C) – Today we will be practicing our researching skills by looking for information on the internet. The person we are researching is Saint Francis Xavier, who is the namesake of our school.

Using the research links, please find:

      1. His date of birth
      2. His place of birth
      3. The names of parents and siblings
      4. A description of his childhood and teenage years
      5. Where, when, and how he died
      6. When and why he was canonized as a saint

To help you with your research, please use the links below to find information about Saint Francis Xavier

Research Links:

To help you find the page for Francis Xavier, click  the “F” link for the name Francis to find his name on the list.

Another shortcut is pressing the keyboard keys “Ctrl + F”, then searching the page for “Francis Xavier”.

If you cannot find what you are looking for above, try searching on KidRex: