Grade 5/6 HW

Grade 6B/L, please complete lesson 30 & 31 before this Friday, March 15th from

Grade 5D/W, please complete lesson 15 & 16 before this Friday, March 15th from



Grade 7 Websites

Tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 13th) will be the last day to show me work on the following checklists:

– Themes, Fonts, Colors
– Adding/Editing Pages

We will continue work on building websites in Term 3! Enjoy the snow!

Term 2 Coding

Happy New Year and welcome back!

The following is information for coding in term 2:

– The website that will be used for coding is Click here to go to the respective courses on the website.

Kindergarten – Course A
Grade 1 – Course B
Grade 2 – Course C
Grade 3 – Course D
Grade 4 – Course E
Grade 5 – Course F
Grade 6 – Click here for the course

For Grade 7, we will be focusing on website design this term. We will be using Google Sites to build websites. The skills that we will be covering include the following:

  • Themes, Fonts, Colors
  • Adding Pages
  • Adding Content
  • Adding Images
  • Adding Links
  • Making it dazzle

Some of the website resources that we will use to cover these skills are the following:

Google Sites Tutorial #1
Google Sites Tutorial #2

Coding Club



Coding Club is getting underway this January, where we take a look at the world of computer programming. Our meetings take place on Mondays at Lunchtime recess (12:30 pm). Please see Mr. Powell for more information, or download the notice from here!

We will be working though lessons found on, as well as using Kodu Game Lab to write our first programs.


Saint Research


(Class 4C) – Today we will be practicing our researching skills by looking for information on the internet. The person we are researching is Saint Francis Xavier, who is the namesake of our school.

Using the research links, please find:

      1. His date of birth
      2. His place of birth
      3. The names of parents and siblings
      4. A description of his childhood and teenage years
      5. Where, when, and how he died
      6. When and why he was canonized as a saint

To help you with your research, please use the links below to find information about Saint Francis Xavier

Research Links:

To help you find the page for Francis Xavier, click  the “F” link for the name Francis to find his name on the list.

Another shortcut is pressing the keyboard keys “Ctrl + F”, then searching the page for “Francis Xavier”.

If you cannot find what you are looking for above, try searching on KidRex:

Welcome – SFX IT

puppy laptop

Welcome to the SFX IT page!

This page will be a space to hold updates and links for lessons in the computer lab.

I have linked to my Teacher resources page in the sidebar if you are looking for ideas about technology in education.

When coding club is underway, this will be the space where links and announcements are posted as well.