March Digital Literacy

Some websites are being introduced in the library.  These may be used to explore with your child some of the advantages and pitfalls of the internet.  How playing some games helps us learn.  How playing some games may be a distraction from learning.  Why parents want children to choose safe websites.  How to come to you for help if they are being tempted to abuse computer use.  Under Quick Link to Classes

IT, Information Technology, scroll down to the Coding Cub link on the right: studio.codeorg/s/1.  (Coding is an important digital skill to understand, if not to master because of the clarity and precision required to write and follow directions.) Or search for, scroll down to tutorials for beginners and after watching the video the first time, click to start puzzles 1-20.  Useful for students to be able to find books outside the SFX Library  vpl

Alternatively see: Richmond Public library and Burnaby Public Library  abcyaA site which has games for leaning alphabetical order.  It contains many other games and is a safe site for children.  Digital literacy problem:  many of the games on the website have a higher fun factor than those which teach alphabetical order.   alphabetical orderTherefore at this elementary level begin to discuss with your child:  How much of digital time should be for learning, how much for playing?  50-50? 75-25?  It is true we learn from playing and having fun is important.  How will we figure out how much work/play?  Listen to your children’s opinions over time.  Be flexible.  Play some of the fun games to examine their appeal and ability to teach.  This is a drawing program, a free download and for younger students a good introduction to using a computer.  tux paint 1Drawing activates the right side of the brain and gives the left side a rest so working with shapes and colours helps balance intellectual output.  Secondly, drawing allows children to connect with their imagination and express feelings and ideas beyond their vocabulary level.  Thirdly, digital literacy requires the ability to manipulate images.  (We are unaware of research comparing drawing digitally and drawing with a pencil and paper.  If you find any such research please inform.)Tux_Paint 2

Enjoy the month of march as we continue our extra prayers and sacrifices in preparation for Easter.  April 1 will be Holy Thursday.  Easter is April 5th this year.