September 2015

Dear Parents,

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school, September 25 to October 1, and you are invited to share in this celebration of literacy with us!

This year’s theme: A Monster Book Fair! Watch for more news about the Book Fair as soon as school starts.

Set aside time now and plan to attend the SFX Book Fair as a family.

Now more than ever, reading is vital to leading a better life. Knowing how to read is just the beginning. Motivating young people to keep reading, comprehend what they read and develop the ability to think creatively are the end goals. Together at SFX, we can inspire children to practice reading and read more often. It will make a difference in their lives that will last a lifetime.

Book Fair hours:

Friday              September 25                         10:00               6:00

Monday           September 28                         10:00               6:00

Tuesday          September 29                         10:00               6:00

Wednesday     September 30                         10:00               6:00

Thursday         October 1                                10:00               6:00


Download Link Below (click):

September 2015 Book Fair Notice