What Are We Reading This Week??

A new month means new themes in the Library! This month we focus on remembrance. Our faith celebrates the dearly departed and the communion of Saints with the feasts of all Souls day and All saints Day. We have many great saint books available.
With our national Remembrance Day coming up on the 11th, we have many great books about the importance of Remembrance, Day, what we remember and why. The Grade 4s are listening to the chapter book of Sadako the Japanese girl made ill by the radiation from the nuclear bombs and made famous by her 1000 paper cranes. The primary classes are also hearing a simpler version of this story and also other books about peace and why we wear poppies.
Intermediate students were also introduced briefly to the story of Anne Frank. Stories such as Sadako and Anne Frank make complex and hard to understand historical events more accessible for children to understand and relate to. We also have the Our Canada historical fiction series also has many good books set during war time and actual events that can provide insights into our history.
Happy reading.
Mrs. Moffatt