Speech Festival Preparation

Holiday Search

Go to the Public Library.  Look for good poems or stories in rhyme.  Choose one or two that are worth memorizing.

Start learning the poems now in preparation for this year’s Speech Arts Festival.

Speech Festival Rules were posted in February 2015.


Speech Festival Dates for 2016 are

Feb 16 (intermediate) and Feb 17 (primary) for the SFX festival.

Feb 29 ( individual entries) and March 2 (group entries)  for the James Carney Festival.

One quality source of poetry and prose (classic stories) is The Book of Virtues: a treasury of great moral stories, edited by William J. Bennett.  This book is out of print but can often be purchased second hand on-line.  It can also be found in libraries.  But if your children are young it is worth purchasing.

Another source of quality material, humourously presented and adabtible for presentation as poems, are the series of books by Mary Ann Hoberman, You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You.  The books cost about $8.00 each.  There are Fairy Tales, Fables, Mother Goose Rhymes, Very Short Stories and Scary Tales to read together.  Children learn 600 times faster when they are laughing and reading these stories with a partner leads to laughter!