Time Management and Order in the New Year.

Time Management and Order in the New Year.

Important library skills:

Good order:  – alphabetical order    – numerical order

sorting by size to keep our desks and shelves neat

collecting what we need, pruning away what is not needed

Managing time to facilitate learning and health.

– recent brain and fitness research suggests working in short intervals.

– psychology suggests children who are 5 years old can concentrate for 5 minutes, 6 years old 6 minutes, 7 years old 7 minutes, to a maximum of 15 minutes.  Adults too experience less stress if they rest between work/learning intervals.

– include downtime, time for parts of the brain to absorb, rest, integrate.  Breath deeply.

vary activities.  The left side of the brain works more actively learning language and math.  The right side works more actively drawing, and manipulating spacial relationships (putting things away, moving shapes, decoding maps).  Music and exercise challenge different brain areas.  Rest allows the unconscious to integrate and problem solve.

schedule:  language (5 minutes), exercise (2), drawing (5), rest (2), back to language (5).  Some discipline is required to move into a modified schedule.  Be flexible.  Try a short interval schedule.  Come back to it.  Try it again.  Observe how short interval scheduling influences your and your child’s creativity, relaxation level, productivity and enjoyment.