Lent Springtime Growth

Lent, the Anglo-Saxon word for springtime, a season of quickening, of new growth.  Pay attention to the wonder of growth in your children,and in yourselves.  Families do the planting, and the feeding and the watering. God activates the growth. The school is here to help you feed and hydrate minds and spirits.
 lent 2016 newsletter
The standby lenten nourishment is : prayer, paradoxically, fasting and alms-giving, sharing our time, talent and treasure.  On the recent professional days, Feb 4th and 5th, one of the speakers was Chris Hatfield, the first Canadian astronaut. He spent 21 years preparing for his 6 months in space.  Fasting from what would distract him from his goal; visualizing and praying about what perfect success would look like, seeking help and guidance to clarify and refine his vision; giving of himself.
Three questions.
1.  – What is your perfect vision for your family?  Do you have a process for praying together about your vision for your family’s future, for clarifying and refining how you relate to each other and to God.  If not, start with a wish, a dream, a prayer. Then take steps together to perfecting it!
2.  Is your vision for your family part or all of the foundation for family choices?  To reach your vision what do you need to fast from?
3. – How does your family reach out together, stretch itself, with purpose, to help, to give of your time and talent and treasure.  On those professional days we learned that motivation for learning is less related to rewards than to connecting the learning to a purpose.  Helping one’s family help others is a solid purpose to begin with.
Many speakers at the professional day conference, including Chris Hatfield, spoke about change. Does your family see the change of springtime, of aging, as an opportunity?  Is it growth?  Is change welcomed and embraced with faith?
Thanks be to God Jesus has told us, ‘Unless you become as little children you will not enter the kingdom of heaven’. Therefore we can welcome change and growth with joy and delight, having faith that God’s plan must be a good one! Families and schools especially welcome growth in wisdom and knowledge.
Library resources for parents:
Mindsets: the new psychology of success, by Carol Dweck
Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us, by Daniel Pink. The
Hatfield, Chris  An Astronaut’s Guide To Life on Earth.
Dr. Shimi Kang. The Dolphin Parent