2016 04 celebrating     Celebrating Easter, birthdays, progress, successes.  Being thankful.  Remembering.

In the new curriculum students are being asked to explore and develop personal interests.   portfolio

A portfolio, updated from year to year, is one way to remember the discovery, exploration and progress of personal interests.  An e-portfolio along with a paper portfolio is good preparation for applying for High School, Technical School and University entrance.  Celebrate and remember sports achievements, service work, musical progress, speech work and extra classes taken on weekends and in the summer studying languages, art camps, exploring natural environments.

Last year, in March as part of digital literacy, students were introduced to Tux Paint, a drawing program.  For students to be able to keep a journal of their interests this year we are introducing Haiku Deck. 1563_haikudeck_featured Haiku Deck is like Microsoft’s Power Point.   Like Tux Paint, Haiku Deck is a free download.  Three things to bear in mind: 1) Block automatic sharing via Twitter or Facebook.  2) Connect your child’s drawings, and family photos to Haiku so these can become backgrounds or focus features of future decks. 3) Haiku deck has a feature which allows searching a copyright-free data base for background pictures.  Parents should help their children develop discretion if this search feature is being used.

Use building a portfolio as a time to listen to your child’s interests. Help them use technology to develop, extend and record their personal journey.  The listening and asking questions about your child’s interests, and the skill development using technology, are perhaps more important than the portfolio itself.