Core Competencies in the SFX Library

New BC Curriculum      Core Competencies: Identity (Personal and Social), Thinking, Communication

In the SFX Library we will be using fact and fiction books to discover how authors illustrators and characters explore Personal and Social Identity and Thinking Skills to Communicate.

Example:  The Bible, a treasure of truth about personal and social identity.  Mark 10:14 Jesus loves little children.  “Let the little children come to me.”  As learners at SFX Jesus is part of our Social Identity.  His words guide us to the security of eternal life, show us how to form relationships, and lead us into the adventure of evangelizing.

Example: Peter Reynolds’ book, The Dot.   Vashti, the little girl in the story, thinks she cannot draw.  Her teacher encourages her.  Vashti has a growth mindset and once her teacher encourages her she thinks, ‘I can do better than that dot!’  And she does!  Further, she becomes an encourager, like her teacher, and she helps another student. Vasti’s personal identity changes in response to social interaction.

In light of the New BC Curriculum this year let us read with a new focus, through the lens of the Core Competencies. Let us read to discover the identity of literary characters, the thinking skills authors and characters use, and the ways authors and characters use to communicate.  Let’s read new books  and reread favorite books to connect tto the Core Competencies!

Ms. Fountain/Ms.Kim