Music in term three

Dear parents,

You have probably heard from you children God has presented me with a new challenge. My vocal cords have been overused and because of this I am given strict instructions to not sing a note for three months! This is common with music teachers and I must say that since I have been teaching music for 15 years my turn was due.  I am challenged with this in many ways, but like the song from the Sound of Music, I will Climb Every Mountain and face this challenge head on. So I have been very busy trying to make my lessons work without having to sing. I would like you to know what is happening in the classroom to assure you that although singing will be less, music curriculum will be taught to the fullest.

Grades Kindergarten to Grade three:

In April we will learn some dancing! Some dances will include the Chicken Dance and the Bunny Hop

In May we will learn about various Canadian artists and songs. I will play the music through I Tunes and not sing them.

June is all about Drama! I have found some ten minute plays that will teach your children the arts through other forms and media. Kindergarten will learn action songs and act them out. Charlotte Diamond has some wonderful examples for this.


Grades Four to Grade Six.

In April we will also learn Dance. These will be more tricky than the primary grades. An example of this will be the Electric Slide.

May we will also be learning about Canadian Artists and songs. More in depth lessons about the artists and which province they are from and instruments used will be involved. Also, lyrics will be read and appreciated and discussed how they involve living in Canada. Canadian stereotypes will also be discussed.

June will be music history. Last year we discussed Elton John. This year I have created a booklet with a compilation of various artists and they will be discussed and songs will be learned.


Grade Seven.

In April the grade sevens will be working on a project that they will be given CLASS TIME to complete. It is meant to be done during music, not at home. We have been discussing how a song tells a story and to be responsible for the lyrics they sing. They will be instructed to pick any song of any genre, any time frame and change the lyrics to tell the story of graduation. In short, they have to change the lyrics to make it a grad song. They can be in groups, no bigger than five people, or individual. They will perform it at the end of April during class time. They can use instruments, karaoke music or sing accapella. I am open to pretty much anything to make them comfortable singing in front of their peers, and creativity is encouraged. I will closely observe them to make sure the lyrics are appropriate and there is no exclusion. It is meant to be a wonderful and creative way for them to sum up their time here at SFX in a creative and musical way.

If more time is needed, I will take that into account.

May and June will involve Music History and Canadian songs. Much the same as Grade 6 except more involvement in lyric appreciation and Canadian geography will be involved.

I am excited to start these new lessons and I look forward to watching your children grow and learn the arts in so many different ways!

Thank you!

Charmaine Harris