Easy & healthy snack recipes for all!

This one goes out to all the parents / guardians that are extra busy right now and are looking for easy recipes for make or set up for their children make on their own.

First, we have the overnight oats. This is a hit with many teachers at SFX because it’s an easy breakfast to grab and go.

Have your children help you or make a batch while they’re fast asleep (hopefully). Either way, it’s sure to save you time.

Substitute any of the ingredients with what you have at home, no need to leave the house! — fresh fruit / berries, milk of your choice, etc. I suggest adding in a bit of honey, brown sugar or nut / seed butters to add extra flavour.

Next, we have good ol’ fruit kebabs. It’s the perfect activity and snack rolled in one. After washing and cutting the fruit, have your child assemble them on their own, leaving you free to work or finish up tasks. For the older students, they may be able to do this all on their own (with a watchful eye, of course).

Again, substitute where needed! For an extra special treat, instead of the yogurt dip, melt some chocolate chips in a bowl for a delicious chocolate drizzle.

My last healthy snack recipe of the day is yogurt popsicles! All you have to do is blend:

  • a fruit of your choice
  • yogurt (whichever you have)
  • honey

Pour the mixture into popsicle molds OR ice cube trays (cover it in aluminum foil and stick some tooth picks in) and pop it into the freezer.

I hope that helps! Don’t forget, it is still Spring Break so let your children relax and do things they truly enjoy (to a degree, of course!).

Enjoy the beautiful day and try to get outside (but not too close to other people 🙂 ),
Ms. Olaivar

by Ms. G. Olaivar

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