Welcome back!

I want to first start off by posting my newsletter below as it has a lot of information about how we will be moving forward with our Physical and Health Education class.

As I mentioned in my newsletter, I understand that there may be obstacles restricting some families from fully completing the assignment each week. Don’t stress! Do the best you can and communicate your needs or concerns with me via email.

Moving on to my expectations! This poster should be familiar to all students as we have discussed and reviewed it many times this year but I have made some important adjustments to take into consideration.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Go for a walk, do a workout as a family or try to think of all the things we can be grateful for. Also, take a look at my previous posts for some great ideas.

I’ll be back on Monday!

Structure and Schedule

I’m sure that over the years, you’ve seen teachers post a Shape of the Day or Schedule on their whiteboards. While we may not realize, many adults and children alike thrive off structure and having a schedule.

First, allow your children to have a quiet space to work that has the following things:

  • a desk
  • a seat of some sort – think about alternative seating, exercise ball, option to stand, etc.
  • all their supplies – books, pencils / pens, colouring pencils, etc.
  • limited electronics – only those needed for work (think about parental controls)

I recognize that this may be difficult in many households! If they’re having an issue with noise, try noise cancelling headphones (without music playing), earmuffs, etc.

Next, I’ve been seeing various schedules / shapes of the day floating around the internet. I decided to make one myself, taking inspiration from my friend and fellow teacher, Mrs. Nixon’s blog. If you’re looking for amazing resources and ideas of what to insert into your schedule, definitely take a look.

As you can see, I’ve laid out set times for various things such as wake up, snack, lunch, dinner and bedtime. I believe that these should remain the same each day in order to create a sense of normalcy.

In the blank areas, that’s when you insert things like school work, chores / deep cleaning, outdoor activity, quiet time, and limited screen time.

Important things to note when making your own schedule:

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Note that children and youth aged 5 to 17 should:

  • Get 9 to 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep with a consistent bed and wake up time
  • No more than 2 hours of recreational screen time
  • Not sit for extended periods

If you are interested in incorporating this into your home schedule, here are the downloadable files.

I hope this information helps!

Fun and Free

I’m going to share 3 of many free resources that are available specifically for children during this time!

  1. Audible Stories — click here to access.

This is a wonderful resources for students of all ages but especially for younger students who are still learning to read. If you have any of the book on hand, you can have your child follow along as well.

2. DANCEPL3Y and YOGAPL3Y Virtual Classes – 3x daily! – Click here to access.

This is a company that has worked with SFX in the past by providing dance lessons for our students in K – Grade 7.

They stream live dance, yoga and fitness classes for you and your children to follow along with at 10 am, 3 pm and 7 pm each day. If you miss the live class, the video is available on their Facebook page after!

3. FitOn Fitness App – Click here to download the Android app and here for the Apple app.

This one is more so for the parents who are interested in fitting in a guided workout with or without their children. It’s completely free to build a workout program, browse recipes and you can even sync your Fitbits, Apple Watches, etc.

If you check the Browse area, there’s a category for workouts “With Kids” and “Beginners” if you’re looking for child friendly fitness. Most workouts don’t require equipment but there are some that do. In the case that you don’t have it, you can improvise with things around the house or do it without the weight!

I have been using this app for a week and it’s been great. On the app itself, I’ve invited family and friends to do workouts with me and we’ve done them together while Facetiming. It’s quite fun!

Get Creative!

Hello all!

If you are looking for a creative outlet for your children and even for yourself, take a look at Ms. LeRose’s instagram page: @artwithmisslerose!

She is doing a 20 day design challenge that allows children to plan and design different things with their own interests in mind. You’re are welcome to use any type of drawing, painting, electronic, etc. means to create your designs and you can join in and/or catch up at any time. Send her your finished results and she will post them on her Instagram story for other students to see!

Parents, this is a perfect time for your to take a break and stretch your creative muscles! Show your children that you’re willing to give it a try, whether you’re a wonderful artist or a terrible one.

Bring out your inner artist!

Easy & healthy snack recipes for all!

This one goes out to all the parents / guardians that are extra busy right now and are looking for easy recipes for make or set up for their children make on their own.

First, we have the overnight oats. This is a hit with many teachers at SFX because it’s an easy breakfast to grab and go.

Have your children help you or make a batch while they’re fast asleep (hopefully). Either way, it’s sure to save you time.

Substitute any of the ingredients with what you have at home, no need to leave the house! — fresh fruit / berries, milk of your choice, etc. I suggest adding in a bit of honey, brown sugar or nut / seed butters to add extra flavour.

Next, we have good ol’ fruit kebabs. It’s the perfect activity and snack rolled in one. After washing and cutting the fruit, have your child assemble them on their own, leaving you free to work or finish up tasks. For the older students, they may be able to do this all on their own (with a watchful eye, of course).

Again, substitute where needed! For an extra special treat, instead of the yogurt dip, melt some chocolate chips in a bowl for a delicious chocolate drizzle.

My last healthy snack recipe of the day is yogurt popsicles! All you have to do is blend:

  • a fruit of your choice
  • yogurt (whichever you have)
  • honey

Pour the mixture into popsicle molds OR ice cube trays (cover it in aluminum foil and stick some tooth picks in) and pop it into the freezer.

I hope that helps! Don’t forget, it is still Spring Break so let your children relax and do things they truly enjoy (to a degree, of course!).

Enjoy the beautiful day and try to get outside (but not too close to other people 🙂 ),
Ms. Olaivar

Hello from a distance!

Hello parents,

While I hope you’re having a restful Spring Break, I understand this may not be the case for many families during this time. I know your children may have questions or concerns about what’s going on.

I stumbled upon this comic on NPR that simplifies the information that many of us adults have been seeing on the internet and on TV. During this time, it is important to have discussions with your children about what is happening and how we can help one another.

I wanted to share this with you now and will continue to add articles, activities, etc. to support you as parents / guardians at home with your kiddies for the indefinite future! I know this may be a difficult time for many of you, especially those working from home or the essential workers who still need to go into work, so I applaud your strength and courage. Remember that your children will react the way you react, so try to remain calm and confident to reduce their (and your) level of anxiety.

The comic below is also available in Chinese here.


Also, feel free to print these out and post them around your home.

I’m aware that not all parents read my blog so if you do, please feel free to share it with the other parents.

God bless and I continue to keep you all in my prayers,
Ms. Olaivar

Badminton Information

Badminton season has begun! I have included the following information on all consent forms.

Not all players or teams will be attending the zone tournament but all are welcome to join in for practice to sharpen up your badminton skills and have some exercise! The players and teams attending the tournaments will be at the discretion of the coaches.

Zone Qualifying Tournament will take place between April 6 – April 14 

  • Exact date and location TBA

CISVA Final Tournaments:

  • Doubles – Thursday, April 16 @ St. Patrick’s Vancouver – 12:00 pm
  • Singles – Wednesday, April 22 @ St. Paul’s Richmond – 12:00 pm
  • Mixed Double – Monday, April 20 @ St. Patrick’s Vancouver
    • Grade 6 – 9:00 am
    • Grade 7 – 12:30 pm 

Practice Schedule

Monday & Thursday – Singles
Tuesday & Friday – Doubles and Mixed Doubles

This practice schedule may change to accommodate for the amount of students that have signed up.

**Please ensure that your child is picked up from SFX by 5:00 pm as there will be no supervision after this time. 

We are still looking for parent volunteers to help coach our budding badminton stars! Email Ms. Olaivar directly if you are interested.

Congrats to all basketball teams!

All our basketball teams had a terrific season! We learned a lot and had some amazing game experiences. Our Grade 7 Boys are off to their first playoff game tomorrow against St. Edmund’s and we wish them the best of luck!

Thanks to all the parents who supported us through coaching, driving and cheering us on.

A reminder for all players to return their jerseys to Ms. Olaivar!

Rescheduled Game

Hi parents and athletes!

The Grade 7 Boys game that was cancelled last Wednesday, Jan 15, has been rescheduled to Wednesday, January 22, after the girls game. It will start at approximately 3:45-4:00.

See you then!

I am in the midst of rescheduling the Grade 7 Girls game at Corpus Christi and I will update you as soon as I know!