Admission Priorities

Admission of students is granted with the following priorities:

  1. Catholic children of supporting parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Church with a sibling in the school.
  2. Catholic children of supporting parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Church without a sibling in the school.
  3. Catholic children from other parishes with a sibling in the school.
  4. Catholic children from other parishes without a sibling in the school.
  5. Non-Catholic children with a sibling in the school.
  6. Non-Catholic children without a sibling in the school.


Any request for withdrawal must be made in writing.

Registration and School Fees

School fees for the month of September are paid at the time of re-enrollment, normally in March, and are non-refundable. School fees for the months of October to June are paid by preauthorized debit. Fees for the school supplies are paid on the first day of school and are non-refundable. Application fees of $50 for new students are also non-refundable.


Once admitted, families are required, as an active school community member, to participate in the various activities of the school. If a family are unable to fulfill the requirements of participation, they will be assessed a penalty fee of $25 per activity missed. The child may not re-enroll until all accounts for the current year have been settled.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for Catholic Education will be considered upon request.

Uniform Dress Code

The uniform policy at St. Francis Xavier is in place to create a sense of community and foster respect. It is important that all students abide by the dress code. Regular uniform inspections will occur throughout the year and notices will be sent home if students are not following the uniform guidelines. Students must come to school in full uniform and non-uniform outer-wear is not permitted during school hours (see description below).


  1. Students are required to have two sets of shoes at school – black dress shoes (non-marking), and P.E. runners (non-marking). Boots are not acceptable.
  2. On the days when Primary (K-3) students have P.E. they will be allowed to wear their P.E. strip all day. Intermediate students must wear their uniform all day and change when it is time for P.E. Students must wear sweatpants over their shorts on Mass days.
  3. Students may wear a white T-shirt or their P.E. shirt under their long sleeve shirt. Other coloured shirts are not permitted. Outerwear is not permitted to be worn on top of the uniform inside the school building or at Mass.
  4. Girls must wear knee socks. Ankle socks are not permitted. Boys must wear plain socks without logos.

Note: All uniforms can be purchased through Neat Uniforms, 1050 Boundary Rd, Burnaby, B.C. Tel: 604-205-7555. 

  • Girls – Plaid kilt, Oxford white crested shirt, navy crested pullover, navy knee socks, and black shoes. Long hair should be neatly tied back or braided at the back with a modest hair clip or elastic. Cosmetics, including nail polish, hair tinting etc., are not allowed.
  • Boys – Twill navy pants, Oxford white crested shirt, navy crested pullover, navy socks, and black shoes.
  • P.E. – Uniform shorts, T-shirts and NON-MARKING running shoes are required for all P.E. classes. Uniform sweat suits are required for cooler days (and Mass days). For safety reasons no necklaces should be worn during P.E. lessons.

Special Programs

A) Mandarin Classes within School Curriculum

St. Francis Xavier School is unique in the city of Vancouver with its Mandarin classes taught within the structure of the school curriculum. The objective of the class is to nurture and increase students’ interest in the Chinese language, in order that they may use it in their daily lives. Students are encouraged to retain and appreciate Chinese traditions and culture. Each class in the school receives 40 minutes of instruction in Mandarin four days a week. There are two teachers in the Mandarin program, one who focuses on Primary (K-3) and Intermediate (4-7). The highlight of the Mandarin program is the annual celebration in the school of Chinese New Year, with performance in Mandarin as well as the traditional Lion Dance.

B) After-school Chinese Classes

St. Francis Xavier Parish provides a Chinese Language/Culture program after school five days a week. Classes run from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm every day except Wednesdays when they run from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The emphasis in the lessons is on listening and oral skills, although reading and writing are encouraged. Homework is normally assigned on Friday, but is up to the discretion of the teacher. Students who are experiencing difficulties coping with the English curriculum will not be eligible for this program.

C) Extra-Curricular

St. Francis Xavier School offers students an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, badminton, and track and field. Our teams compete annually in many of the CISVA-sponsored leagues and tournaments. Since 2004, our sports teams have been called The Dragons. Our range of extra-curricular activities and clubs are as follows:

    • SFX Leadership Group – The purpose of the SFX Leadership Group is to promote leadership skills, responsibility, and school spirit within the school community. Any students who want to make a positive contribution are welcome in the Leadership group to participate in the planning and organization of school Spirit Days and Assemblies. The SFX Leadership Group has been instrumental in our local and global fundraising efforts, particularly our ongoing support of Covenant House that works to help homeless youth throughout the city.
    • Peer Helpers – In 2012, the school formed a special group of students called the Peer Helper group. These students volunteer their time and recess breaks to assist with the younger children in the school to learn how to get along and play together in appropriate ways. These students receive conflict resolution training and give their time freely to assist the supervisors by being proactive in avoiding possible conflict. 
    • Altar Servers – Intermediate students are given the opportunity to serve God and their school and parish community with their dedicated service as altar servers. Altar servers are trained to perform the various key roles that altar servers do during the Mass. Their vital service adds to the solemnity and meaning of the mass every Friday. 
    • Green Club – Environmental awareness is the key goal of this group. Students are tasked with the responsibility of helping other students be aware of ways they can be more environmentally friendly. Whether it be collecting candy wrappers or leading the charge against plastic water bottles, these dedicated students do their best to care for our planet. The Green Club has raised money to help create a school garden to help younger students become more aware of how our food is grown and produced.
    • Spelling Bee – Every year, there is a CISVA sponsored Spelling Bee for students in Catholic schools throughout the Vancouver Archdiocese. Spelling Bee members meet weekly to practice spelling words and expand their vocabulary. Eventually, a school Spelling Bee is held to determine a school representative at the CISVA Spelling Bee. 
    • Choir  – Over the past years, the St. Francis Xavier School choir has enjoyed not only singing but enjoyed much success as a choir as well. Led by Mrs. Harris, the choir has won two gold medal certificates in the past two years. The choir was impressively moved to the Junior High division and awarded the gold certificate. The choir has ceased operation this school year as a lot of time and energy is being channeled into our school production of Disney’s Aladdin!
    • Games Club Also know as “G-squared”, this group meets after school to play a variety of board and card games. Led by Mr. Dela Luna, not only do students enjoy some friendly competition, they learn valuable social skills like taking turns and following the rules.