Code of Conduct

SFX Bottom Lines

  1. No weapons or using objects as weapons. (Such as knives, matches, lighters, and fireworks)
  2. No damaging school property.
  3. Do not use your body to intentionally injure others. (Example: Biting, elbowing, kneeing, pushing, shoving, kicking, punching.)
  4. No social or physical bullying. ( Definition: A pattern of repeated aggressive behavior, with negative intent, directed from one child to another where there is a power imbalance.—Dr. Dan Olweus)
  5. No verbal threats to injure others or to damage school property.
  6. No stealing.
  7. Do not leave the school or school playground at recess or lunch break without the permission of the teacher on supervision duty or the Principal.
Possible Consequence for breaking a bottom line:

As soon as a student has broken a bottom line, the principal will be informed, the student will be removed from the situation, his or her parent(s) will be notified (by phone or in writing) and he or she may be asked to leave the school that day. This may be followed by a suspension or recesses may be suspended temporarily.

Rules for Reckless and Disrespectful Behavior:

  1. No defiance of an adult. (Example: talking back, refusing to follow directions, lying)
  2. No swear words or gestures.
  3. No teasing, name-calling or ostracizing.
  4. No dangerous behavior in the classroom. (Such as running, throwing things, playing in the closets)
  5. No irresponsible or inconsiderate actions during recess time. (Such as throwing water, sand, sticks, snowballs, or other hard objects, playing in the washrooms)
  6. No running in the school, except for at appropriate times and places. (Example: Courtyard time, PE.)
  7. Do not enter the building during outdoor recess without the permission of the teacher on supervision duty.
  8. Washrooms must be kept clean and tidy. Toilets, sinks, paper towels, soap, and water fountains must be used properly.
Consequences (3 strikes):
  1. Firm warning. (depending on the behavior, a behavior warning letter might be necessary immediately)
  2. Behavior Warning Letter
  3. 4 Way meeting with student, teacher, principal and parent
  4. In-school suspension

Appearance and Work Habit Rules

  1. Students are expected to come to school on time.
  2. Students are expected to appear neat and tidy at all times. (Cosmetics, including nail polish, hair tinting, etc., are not allowed. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. Hair accessories must be white, navy, black or the school tartan pattern. During P.E. or sport activities jewelry and watches must be removed and long hair must be tied back.)
  3. Students are expected to enter and leave the classroom and building quietly and avoid unnecessary talking in the hallway and stairs. They should walk in an orderly manner and keep to the right.
  4. Students may not bring spending money or wear expensive jewelry to school. Also, things such as trading cards, laser pointers, toy guns, water pistols, electronic games, Discmans, MP3 players, cellular phones, or other toys from home, are not allowed at school.*
  5. Students must keep their classroom and other parts of the school clean. They should keep their own desk clean (inside and outside) and tidy.
  6. Students must take care of school resources such as books, toys, math materials, PE equipment, etc. Lost or damaged resources must be compensated for.
  7. All class assignments and homework are to be completed and handed in on time. Students are expected to pursue excellence in all academic areas.
Consequences (3 strikes):
  1. Warning.
  2. Behavior Letter
  3. 4 Way meeting with student, teacher, principal and parent

Possible Restitutions to accompany consequences (how they can give back to the school):

  1. Clean-up Duty: wall cleaning, sink cleaning, courtyard cleaning.
  2. Letter of apology signed by a parent
  3. Intermediate students can volunteer in a primary class
  4. Primary students can help a classmate in their own class. (example: help someone clean their desk)

*Exceptions may be made for medical or safety concerns if the school is notified by parents in writing.