Halloween Spirit Day Reminder

For this Halloween Friday, all students must come to school wearing their uniform as there will be Mass at 9:00 am. Kindergarten classes do not yet attend Mass so they are allowed to come in their costume if you so desire. Students will be allowed to change into their costume during Lunch Recess.


A quick reminder that masks or costumes promoting evil or violence are not allowed; This includes witch and devil costumes. (Some students have asked if they can dress as a “good” witch; I am afraid I will have to say No to that; a witch is a witch.) Students could be creative by wearing a costume that represents a favourite storybook character, a character from the Bible, or current figure of the Church (Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, etc.)  Wearing fall or Halloween colours (e.g. brown, orange, black) is also acceptable instead of a costume.


There will be a costume parade at 1:15 in the gym and parents are most welcome to join us for the event.  Prizes for the best costume in each class will be awarded.  Students are also asked to bring canned goods for donation for the Food Bank and candy for the Agape Street Ministry (hosted by the Leadership Club) as in previous years in the week after Halloween. The Leadership group will be sponsoring special Halloween activities in the Gym at Lunch.