New Professional Days added to Calendar

The yearly school calendar is produced by the Administration at the beginning of every school year so parents have the opportunity to arrange care for their children on Professional Days or even family holidays. At the bottom of the calendar are the words “The above dates are subject to change.” This is to inform you of such a change.
At the end of this August, the BC Ministry of Education announced the Redesigned Curriculum. It is an all encompassing and challenging reform as every grade and every subject has been revised in terms of content, skills, and assessment.
In recognition of this, in October the BC Ministry of Education announced that public schools would have what amounts to two extra Professional Days for school staffs to work together on managing and planning for the widespread change. Just two weeks ago, a similar provision was made for Independent Schools as well.
We have decided as a teaching staff to use the two extra days on Monday, January 4th 2016 and Monday May 2nd 2016. On the January date, we will be joined by Christine Younghusband, an instructor from St. Mark’s College and a contributor to the Redesigned Curriculum. She will work with the staff to review the main changes contained in the document and delve into some of the issues around its implementation. In May, the focus will be on allowing our teachers to spend time revising their plans and working together to design shared methods of planning and assessment.
This is an exciting and challenging time to be a teacher in British Columbia. The Redesigned Curriculum is centered on giving all students the skills and knowledge they will need to take on the challenges of the 21st century. In many ways, the current way of teaching is still based in 19th century thinking and beliefs about education and its purpose. These dates will help prepare our staff for the challenges of making certain our students will be fully prepared to meet the requirements of this new approach to education.
Thank you for your understanding and support.