PTA (Parents Teachers Association)

The PTA is an important group comprised of Parent and Teacher Representatives. Meetings are held each month and are chaired by a PEC Member. One parent representative is required for each class from Kindergarten to Grade 7. In addition, 6-9 parent representatives will be appointed with specific duties within the PTA

Their duties are outlined below:

  • Attend monthly meetings from September to June (minimum 10 hours)
  • Participate in at least one sub-committee
  • Participate and assist with all fund-raising events
  • Maintain regular contact with homeroom teacher
  • Maintain regular contact with class parents and give updates
  • Maintain records of hours by each family
  • Contact class parents as require

Parent Participation Program

Parent Participation Program Guideline (Requires Acrobat Reader to open and view) – Click here to download

SFX Parent Hand Book (Updated 2015 – 2016) (Requires Acrobat Reader to open and view) Click here to download


Emergency Preparedness Committee

This sub-committee of the PTA works with the Principal, teachers and PEC members to establish and maintain an Earthquake Preparedness Program. The committee assists with Earthquake drills, organizes first aid supplies, trains volunteers to help in the event of an emergency, and completes regular inspections on the school premises. The committee is currently working on a training manual for staff and parents. Meetings are held once a month.


Class Representatives for School Year 2016 – 2017

Position: Name:
PTA Chairperson Caroline Ng
PTA Vice-Chair / Parking Patrol Alex Lau
 KM Representative
Monica Chow
 KS Representative
Vivian Tong
 1D Representative
Antony Wong
 1W Representative
Jenn Mach
 2A Representative / Emergency Preparedness
Cliona Wong
 2Z Representative
Cindy Chow
 3K Representative
Lesley Murphy
 3W Representative / Accounting
Nancy Lam
 4C Representative
Tuhue Trieu
 4L Representative
Ayako Tan-Lum
 5C Representative / Library
Joyce Leung
 5D Representative
Sean Martinez
 6B Representative
Amy Chow
 6L Representative / Sports
Jason Cao
 7K Representative
Ayako Tan-Lum
 7M Representative
Kin Mak
 Library  Anne Fok
 Emai l / Data Entry / Teacher Assistance
Cathy Wong
 Emergency Preparedness Warren Paolucci
 Hot Lunch Corina Esaw
 IT / PPP Reports
Ward Bush
 PTA Newsletter / Sunday Breakfast
Amy Leung
 PTA Secretary Mihaela Huntanu