The Little Mermaid Jr. and CISVA Badminton Championships

It has been an exciting few weeks at St. Francis Xavier School! Firstly, we are proud of the efforts of our badminton team who worked hard to win the CISVA Badminton Championships! For a detailed list of medalists, please see the “May 2016” Newsletter on our front page.

Also, we are basking in the glow of the sucess of “The Little Mermaid Jr.” Thanks to the combined efforts of our staff, students and parents, we were proud to present a truly incredible whole-school production! Thanks goes to the entire school community for their support and cooperation in such a huge undertaking. Special thanks to Mrs. Lake, our hard-working and determined producer, and Mrs. Harris, our creative and passionate Music teacher and director, for their dynamic vision for the play. This shows how successful we can be as a school community in giving our students chances to shine!