Announcements: June 18th

Grouse Mountain Field Trip

Tomorrow is our Grouse Mountain Field trip.  Students should be in their PE uniform and in comfortable runners to walk in.  Please have your child at school by 8:30am.  We will be leaving at 8:40am sharp and will not wait for late comers.  Please have your child bring a packed lunch (no thermoses please) as they will have to carry everything they bring with them all day.  There is no need to bring the planner or homework tomorrow.  All assigned homework (cut up spelling words and spelling sentences) will be due on Wednesday.

Edu Pac

The Edu pac (school supplies for next school year) order form was due on June 15th.  If you still have not submitted it yet, please make sure to return it as soon as possible.

Return Class Books

As the school year is soon coming to an end, please have your child return all class books (paper books and chapter books) to the classroom.  Students will no longer be taking home new paper books or chapter books.

Reading Log

I will no longer be collecting the Reading Log but please make sure your child continues to read daily at home.


I am looking for 1 or 2 volunteers to help with some classroom clean up.  Since it is already June, the PPP hours will go towards next school year.  Please let me know if you are available to help.

Class Party

We will be having an end of the year class party on Tuesday, June 26th.  Please have your child bring a “nut-free” snack to share for the party.

Announcements: May 31st

End of the School Year

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the LAST month of school.  Although we are near the end of the school year, we are not there yet.  Please remember to continue checking your child’s planner every night and complete and submit homework when it is due!

Grade Ones will NOT be participating in Twin Day

On Tuesday, June 19th, It will be Twin Spirit Day.  Unfortunately, it happens to fall on the same day as our Grouse Mountain Field Trip.  Students are expected to be in their PE uniform for the field trip so Grade Ones will not be participating in this Spirit Day.

Grouse Mountain Field Trip

Just a reminder that the Grouse Mountain Field Trip consent form is due tomorrow.  If you have not already done so, please make sure to return it by tomorrow.  Thank you to all those that have already returned it.  There are a few parents that are available to chaperone.  If you signed off as being available, please check your child’s planner to see if you have been selected to volunteer for this field trip.

Book Orders Due

Book orders are also due tomorrow.  This will be a great time to order some books for your child’s home library for summer reading.  This will be the last book order for the year.  You may submit your order on your own online, or submit the order form to me by tomorrow.

Here is the June Newsletter and the Show and Tell Schedule.

Announcements: May 23rd


This Saturday, May 26th, we will be having our annual SFX Bazaar.  1D will be performing on stage at 4:20pm.  Students can wear whatever they choose (this is a non-uniform day).  Please have your child arrive by 4:00pm (20 mins before performance time) at the classroom.  Parking will be limited so please allot some time to look for parking.  Please pick up your child from the classroom after we perform.

No School on Friday

There will be no school on Friday, May 25th.  The school will be closed to set-up for the Bazaar.

I’m a Gift from God

As you should have noticed, the “I’m a Gift from God” program was sent home yesterday.  Please check the planner to see if a Parent Lesson has been assigned and spend some time going over the lesson with your child.  Parent package booklets can stay at home but please make sure you do not lose it as you will need it to do the lessons.  Homework assigned in the student workbook will need to be completed and returned the following day.  We will need the workbook at school also, so please make sure your child returns to school with it.

PTA Hot Lunch

Just a reminder that tomorrow, May 24th is PTA hot lunch (for those that ordered).  The concession will also be opened at the end of the day.


A huge THANK YOU to all you amazing parents!  Thank you for being attentive to my announcements and passing information to other parents.  I was happy to see that even with a last minute announcement, EVERY student in 1D came to school in their school uniform on Photo day!  Thank you so much for your cooperation!!

Announcement: May 16th

Class Photo Tomorrow

I was informed at a staff meeting after school that tomorrow will be Class Photo Day.  Please have your child come to school in full school uniform tomorrow and pack the PE uniform to change into.  Sorry for the late notice.  Please spread the word to other parents if possible.  Thank you!

Announcements: May 8th


After all the busyness of Aladdin, we finally selected a song for Singathon.  Our class will be singing “Get Back Up Again” from the movie Trolls.  Here is a link with the lyrics:  We will be practicing this at school but feel free to practice with your child at home also.

Student-led Conference

Student-led Conferences will be held tomorrow.  Students will be expected to be in school uniform.  Please arrive a few minutes early so you are not late for your scheduled time slot.


Here is the May Newsletter and an updated Show and Tell Schedule.  Please note that there were some errors on the Show and Tell Schedule that was handed out.  Please see this one to see if any changes affect your child.  Thanks!

Announcement: April 30th

Flower Offering

We will be celebrating the Coronation of Mary tomorrow at mass.  To honour Mary, students are asked to bring a single flower to school tomorrow.  The flowers from our class will be put together into a bouquet and offered to Mary at the end of mass.






Announcements: April 20th

Aladdin Jr. Photo Day

On Tuesday, April 24th we will be taking group photos for Aladdin Jr.  Students will need to be in their costume for the photo.  The decorated shirts are already in the classroom.  Please have your child bring the rest of the costume to school by Monday.  Grade ones are asked to bring bottoms (pants or skirt) that are either black, silver, gold or royal coloured.  Please make sure they are not sweatpants and have no logos on them.  Students will also need to bring shoes.  Sandals and dress shoes are acceptable but no runners please.

Professional Development Day

Just a reminder that Friday, April 27th is a professional development day for teachers.  There will be no school for students that day.


Announcements: April 11th

Badminton Concession

The Badminton Tournament Concession will be open tomorrow and Friday.  All proceeds will go to our PE department.  The concession will be open at lunch and at Chinese recess.  Monica, our parent rep for 1D, sent out an email with an order form for lunch.  If you are ordering lunch for Thursday and/or Friday, please have your child submit the form and money tomorrow morning.  Students may also bring money to purchase snacks and will be escorted down to the concession stand during lunch and Chinese recess.  Just in case you need it, here is a link to the Badminton Concession Lunch Order Form.

Jersey Day

Most of you have probably heard the devastating and horrific news about the Humboldt Bronco Bus Accident.  To show our support and send our love to the hockey team and their families, our school will be participating in Hockey Jersey Day.  Your child may wear a Hockey Jersey to school tomorrow to honour and remember those that have passed.  Students that do not have a hockey jersey will come to school in their regular PE uniform.

BC Dairy In School Workshop

Due to some scheduling conflicts, the BC Dairy in-school workshop has been cancelled this Friday.  We were unable to reschedule with them so they will no longer be coming to our school for a visit.



Announcements: April 4th

Fresh Grade

Many of you have already accepted my invitation to use the Fresh Grade app to see your child’s online portfolio.  If you have not already done so, please check to see if you have received the email and accept the invitation.

Aladdin Costumes

Thank you to the parents that have been helping with our costumes.  We are almost there and should be all done soon!

Here is the April Newsletter and Show and Tell Schedule.